Market Report – February 2018 eBay Auctions

Welcome back everybody, let’s look at some completed eBay auctions from February 2018!


Detective Comics #519 (1982), page 5 by Don Newton & John Calnan – $711


Detective Comics #526 (1983), page 21 by Don Newton & Alfredo Alcala – $1,325


The stream of Don Newton Batman OA continues, with prices for decent pages featuring the Dark Knight now starting at around $700. Pages with Talia al Ghul fetched premiums – looks like collectors dig her as much as Bruce does! Impressively, the torrent of Newton Bats-OA seems to have bolstered prices instead of depressing them. Perhaps the constant visibility of Don’s Batman artwork has attracted new fans, resulting in a widening buyer pool?


Sub-Mariner #34 (1971), page 2 by Sal Buscema & Jim Mooney – $2,162


Sal’s Bronze Age OA has been ticking up in value, as evidenced by the above heavy-hitting Hulk piece. Another explanation for its hefty price is that it hails from Sub-Mariner #34, notable for being the prelude to the first Defenders story.


Savage Dragon #2 (1993), page 2 by Erik Larsen – $341


Larsen Savage Dragon artwork rarely comes to auction; what’s more, this page is from an extremely early issue, with large shots of one of Erik’s curvaceous ladies. Mid-$300 looks mighty tempting when compared against prices of Larsen Spidey OA from around the same period!


Sandman #12 (1990), page 19 by Chris Bachalo & Malcolm Jones III – $7,000


This page was purchased for $1.5k in January 2018 from an eBay “Buy It Now” listing, then re-sold as a $7k BIN just one month later! Considering it’s a desirable early-issue Bachalo Sandman page featuring Dream, from the prominent “The Doll’s House” storyline, $7k certainly seems reasonable.


DC Special Series #27: Batman vs The Incredible Hulk (1981), page 42 by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez & Dick Giordano – $1,331


$1.3k is a fraction of what the fantastic page 44 from the same comic sold for, which reeled in $5.7k in July 2017. Batman’s notably absent from this page 42, and even the mighty Hulk’s action panels and Clown Prince of Crime were unable to compensate for that loss!


Uncanny Avengers #14 (2014), page 13 by Steve McNiven & John Dell – $541


That’s a pretty steep price for non-Civil War, relatively new McNiven OA. Are prices for Steve’s interior pages going up? Or is it because this scene leads to Rogue stabbing Scarlet Witch, and both of them end up dying (again) in this issue?


Fantastic Four #548 (2007), page 16 by Paul Pelletier & Rick Magyar – $212


X-Men #176 (2005), page 23 by Salvador Larroca & Danny Miki – $91


Two sellers tried to take advantage of the Black Panther movie hype train, but only ended up highlighting again how cheap Pelletier and Larroca artwork is! An action/hero-packed FF page for $212, and especially that dramatic T’Challa half-splash for only $91, are incredible deals considering the quality and content of art on display.


Secret Invasion: Inhumans #2 (2008), page 13 by Tom Raney & Scott Hanna – $175


Heroes for Hire #3 (2011), page 12 by Brad Walker & Andrew Hennessy – $236


Speaking of affordable artists, here are two more: Brad Walker and Tom Raney. Gorgeous full-page action-pose splashes of popular Marvel heroes, by such talented individuals, for these paltry sums? What more could a comic art collector ask for!


Godzilla: King of the Monsters #3 (1995), cover by Arthur Adams – $3,119


Godzilla: King of the Monsters #4 (1995), cover by Arthur Adams – $2,837


Prices of Art’s modern covers featuring lower-tier superheroes start at around $4k, with many brand-new Marvel covers selling for $5k-and-up. Godzilla isn’t a costumed crusader, but does possess a rich history and wide fanbase. Add the fact that these exquisitely rendered covers are over 20 years-old, featuring some of Adams’ specialty monster content, and $3k-ish for each look like steals!


Fables #13 (2003), page 11 by Lan Medina & Craig Hamilton – $688


Lan Medina’s Fables artwork from the earlier issues usually fetches solid sums – just under $700 for a page containing main characters Flycatcher and Bigby Wolf is spot on. Given the cult-hit status of Fables and its evergreen appeal to new readers, I expect the OA values to gradually rise, similar to artwork from other titles such as 100 Bullets, Y: The Last Man and Preacher.


Mind Burst (2001) by Marc Fishman – $800


Perhaps owing to its macabre nature (plus it is just a bunch of heads), this Magic: The Gathering painting from the Odyssey expansion sold for less than pieces of similar vintage and standing which were discussed in my January 2018 eBay report.


Tivadar of Thorn (2006) by Carl Critchlow – $1,300


Tivadar isn’t a big M:TG star, having only appeared once to-date, in the Time Spiral set. Still, he’s a legendary creature with a somewhat useful “comes-into-play” ability (destroys a goblin), so managed to summon up a respectable 4-figure price tag.

Until next time, happy collecting!


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