Market Report – January 2018 eBay Auctions

Welcome back everybody, today we’ll go through highlights of completed eBay auctions in January 2018!

Spectacular Spider-Man #74, page 22 by Bob Hall & Jim Mooney – $740

Let’s start off with a snapshot of three “splashy” Spidey panel pages through the decades. $740 for this swinging 1983 half-page splash by journeyman artist Bob Hall looks like a fair buy, given that it’s a rather fetching piece of 35 year-old arachnoid art.

Spider-Man #68, page 3 by John Romita Jr., Al Williamson & Al Milgrom – $1,027

Prices for JRJR artwork are gradually strengthening, and his ’90s Spidey OA is doing particularly well, if this 1996 example is anything to go by. $1k+ for a panel page not featuring either the traditional blue/red or popular black costume, is pretty impressive!

Amazing Spider-Man #631, page 10 by Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend – $935

Values of modern Bachalo Marvel OA have been treading water recently, with decent panel pages of popular heroes available in the lower-hundreds range. In light of that, $935 for this non-action 2010 half-splash is a strong number, and once again demonstrates the power of large panels!

X-Men Annual #13, page 18 by Mike Vosburg – $535

X-Men Annual #13, page 39 by Mike Vosburg – $635

Vosburg is not a name that traditionally commands high prices, in part attributable to the fact that he hasn’t had much exposure on prominent mainstream titles. As seen here however, when given the chance to work on bigger characters, his work can pull in solid amounts. It also highlights the enduring appeal of Marvel’s merry mutants, especially now that Disney’s bought back their movie rights!

Thanos Imperative #2, page 1 by Miguel Sepulveda – $82

Thanos Imperative #6, page 20 by Miguel Sepulveda – $88

Granted, Sepulveda’s profile in American comics has tapered off lately and these pages don’t contain Thanos. But with the increasing focus on Marvel Cosmic, surely they should each have cleared $100 at least? Especially that #2 half-splash showcasing Miguel’s lush, dense pencils and Nova blasting the crud out of a bunch of space nasties!

Uncanny Inhumans #11, page 8 by Andy Owen (inks) – $267

There was some excitement surrounding Uncanny Inhumans #11 in 2016, as it’s the 1st Appearance issue of the (then anticipated) inhuman, Mosaic. The character never really took off, but OA from the comic appears to have retained some heat. This page only contains Owen’s inks over bluelines of Carlos Pacheco’s pencils, meaning that it’s worth less than if both original pencils and inks were on the same art board. That in tandem with the young age of the artwork, should have translated into a $100-ish price, but the “key-ness” of this page (it’s Mosaic’s first published appearance) bolstered its value.

Venom: Sinner Takes All #1, page 4 by Greg Luzniak & Scott Koblish – $640

I love me some OTT tongue flailing, drool oozing, muscle bursting Venom art – and this page has that all in spades! I believe it originally sold on a Facebook OA group last year for around $250, which seemed a fair price given the relative anonymity of penciller Greg Luzniak. This $640 eBay sale mere months later is a signal of two things: 1) fans are energized by the upcoming Tom Hardy Venom movie; and 2) quality Venom art, no matter the artist, has a rabid collector base! Man, I really should have snapped this up on Facebook.

Spider-Woman #12, page 11 by Carmine Infantino & Al Gordon – $1,126

Spider-Woman #12, page 15 by Carmine Infantino & Al Gordon – $898

These fantastic Infantino Spider-Woman panel pages (don’t be fooled by the lack of panel borders!) are some of the best I can recall seeing in a while. Carmine’s quirky, perky renditions of Jessica Drew are on splendid display here, making those $1k-ish price tags worth every penny!

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #3, cover by Tony Daniel – $810

Detective Comics #4, page 14 by Tony Daniel & Sandu Florea – $213

Tony’s been in comics for a good while, getting his start on Spawn in the mid-’90s before progressing to Top Cow, a short stint on Marvel’s X-books, then his near two decades since with DC. For such an established artist with a fan-friendly style, Tony’s mainstream superhero artwork is still pretty affordable, as evidenced by the reasonable prices for those two nice Batman pieces above. With markets for popular ’90s artists on the upswing, picking up nice Daniels OA at these levels doesn’t present much downside.

Reveille Squad by Tim & Greg Hildebrandt – $1,075; 15”x11”

Knighthood by Tim & Greg Hildebrandt – $1,236; 14.75”x11″

Further to my September 2017 Market Report, these two paintings appear to solidify entry level early-2000’s Brothers Hildebrandt M:TG artwork in the circa-$1k region. Players may remember Reveille Squad from the Prophecy expansion (2000) and Knighthood, hailing from 7th Edition (2001).

Huatli, Radiant Champion by Chris Rahn – $5,835; 24”x36”

Trapjaw Tyrant by Chris Rahn – $2,375; 20”x16”

Rahn is probably the premier modern star of M:TG art; he also tends to paint the headlining heroes and villains of each new card set. Chris definitely knows what the market wants, producing fantastical oil paintings on relatively large canvases (size matters when it comes to modern M:TG artwork). The roles that character and board size play in determining values is clearly demonstrated above – protagonist planeswalker Huatli commands over double what generic monster Trapjaw Tyrant does, aided by her far larger painted area. Considering these pieces come out of the just-released Rivals of Ixalan expansion, and that their hefty prices are in line with current FMVs for brand new M:TG artwork, the future certainly appears bright for this market.

Until next time, happy collecting!


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