Market Report – May 2018 ComicLink Featured Auction


Hi all, today we’ll be looking at results from ComicLink’s Featured Auction on 29th May 2018! The original art market appears stable, with most items in this auction finishing within the expected range of FMV – although several were on the lower end of that scale. There were few outright underperformers, and a handful of pieces which significantly outperformed expectations.


Classic X-Men #12 (1987), cover by Arthur Adams & Al Williamson – $18,517

Classic X-Men covers are perhaps Adams’ most renowned and beloved works, from the golden age of his career. At only around twice the price of what a brand new full-team X-Men cover by Art probably costs (which contains none of the built-in pedigree or nostalgia value), $18.5k seems a very fair sum for the modern day icon’s homage to Jack Kirby’s classic X-Men #1 cover.


Sub-Mariner #34 (1971), page 6 by Sal Buscema & Jim Mooney – $2,700

Sub-Mariner #34 (1971), page 18 by Sal Buscema & Jim Mooney – $4,000

These two pages hail from the semi-key Sub-Mariner #34 – a prelude to the first Defenders story – and thus command a premium to surrounding issues in the run. Given that, their hammer prices actually appear quite reasonable when compared to May 2018’s Heritage Auctions pages, particularly the pair of $10k+ sales.

Granted, those HA pages featured large panels of Silver Surfer, Hulk and Namor throwing down, but the “battle” premium they fetched still seems slightly excessive. In any case, values of OA from this comic have definitely jumped from earlier in the year, indicative of the growing appeal of first appearances.


Spawn #146 (2005), cover by Greg Capullo & Danny Miki – $5,600

$5.6k for the freaky Spawn cover above is a relatively small amount of coin to fork over for this Capullo/Miki monstrosity, especially in light of 2016’s $8.6k Spawn #148 cover. Upon closer inspection, its true beauty shines through, thanks to Greg’s horrifically intricate detailing and Danny’s exquisite inks!


Aquaman #11 (1963), page 17 by Nick Cardy – $2,955

This large title-page splash comes from Aquaman #11, the 1st Appearance issue of Arthur Curry’s beau, Mera. At a smidge under $3k, it’s strikingly cheap for a full-page splash from a key Silver Age comic by consummate Aqua-artist Cardy – doubly so when compared against the $9.6k November 2017 sale of panel page 5 (which does contain more and better images of Mera). With additional DCEU appearances to come, namely Jason Momoa’s December 2018 Aquaman movie, the possibility of Mera becoming a breakout star remains afloat.


Preacher #49 (1999), page 16 by Steve Dillon – $3,101

As previously discussed, Preacher OA is subject to the “Saint of Killers Tax”: arising from the character’s general badass-ness plus scarcity of pages. $3.1k is on the lower-end of expected FMV for this quality SOK page, which contains a large full-body image of the Saint with deadly six-shooter drawn. Preacher original artwork prices may rise if season 3 of the TV show is a hit, which hopefully hews more closely to the comics and ups the irreverent-violence quotient. Even without the show though, values should organically appreciate, given the evergreen nature of the comics series.


Y: The Last Man #1 (2002), page 10 by Pia Guerra & Jose Marzan – $7,105

Speaking of evergreen comics, Y: The Last Man OA prices continue to climb, bolstered by anticipation of its own upcoming TV show. Of course, much of the value of this page comes from it being part of the landmark first issue, which contains the 1st Appearances of a plethora of series regulars. Adding to its appeal are multiple shots of the title’s two stars: Yorick and adorable Ampersand (everyone loves monkeys)!


Adventures of Superman #500 (1993), page 62 by Dan Jurgens & Brett Breeding – $7,700

“Death of Superman”-related artwork lands smack-dab in the middle of OA collecting’s current ’90s Effect nostalgia-boom, and this momentous introductory shot of the menacing Cyborg Superman is a coveted piece by fans of that era. The $7.7k price tag may seem supersized, but I think it’s actually rather reasonable, considering this is a massive full-body 1st Appearance image of the notable supervillian by esteemed Super-artist Dan Jurgens!


Amazing Spider-Man #311 (1989), cover by Todd McFarlane – $91,115

ASM #311 ranks as one of Todd’s most striking McSpidey covers (and that’s saying something), featuring classic baddie Mysterio facing off against our favourite Web-Crawler. Despite its exalted status, I feel it finished on the slightly lower end of pre-auction estimates, although $91k is nothing to sneeze at. In light of the sizzling McSpidey OA market, this cover probably qualifies as a fine value-buy.


Captain Marvel #26 (1973), page 26 by Jim Starlin & Dave Cockrum – $47,000

What we have here is surely one of the best peak-period Starlin Thanos images, with inks by the legendary Cockrum to boot. Captain Marvel #26 also marks just the second time we see Thanos (after Iron Man #55), and the 1st Appearance of his beloved Mistress Death! Since the post-Avengers: Infinity War outlook for Thanos-related OA is bright indeed, sub-$50k for this titanic piece actually seems somewhat of a bargain to me!


Guardians of the Galaxy #47 (1994), cover by Kevin West & Steve Montano – $1,976

I’d previously identified Kevin West GOTG OA as attractively-priced; however that may be changing. $2k for a cover featuring the relatively obscure characters Protégé and Beyonder is a pretty robust sum, especially from a title which many consider to be C-list. Of note though, its background is actually comprised of the major Cosmic Being, Eternity!

Until next time, happy collecting!


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