Market Report – May 2018 eBay Auctions

Welcome back everyone, today let’s go through selected eBay sales from May 2018!


Black Panther #7 (1978), page 3 by Jack Kirby & Mike Royer – $3,554


Captain America Annual #3 (1976), page 37 by Jack Kirby & Frank Giacoia – $3,570

’70s Kirby original artwork keeps going strong – $3.5k+ for each of these pieces are solid results, considering it’s a mask-less T’Challa featured in the Black Panther #7 page, and the Captain America Annual #3 one contains somewhat abbreviated images of the First Avenger. That BP #7 original art page framed beside the actual comic book is a neat touch, nicely juxtaposing the size of an 11”x17” comic art board against a printed comic!


Captain America #696 (2018), cover by Chris Samnee – $1,375

Captain America #696 (2018), page 9 by Chris Samnee – $586

Samnee auctioned off the OA to Captain America #696 in May, and prices expectedly softened slightly compared to his April 2018 sales of CA #695 artwork – likely owing to the increased availability of pieces on the market. The lower auction results were perhaps also due to the fact that the artwork from CA #696 seemed less action-packed, with sparser imagery.


Bloodshot: Salvation #3 (2017), cover by Jay Anacleto – $807

X-O Manowar #11 (2018), variant cover by Jay Anacleto – $910

This pair of gorgeously rendered Valiant covers by the ultra-talented Anacleto went for reasonable sums of under $1k, more or less in line with FMV for such pieces. Unsurprisingly, Jay’s OA featuring voluptuous females (particularly those of the scantily-clad variety) fetch far more than these male-dominated covers. That Bloodshot cover filled with intricate details of the glorious carnage sure is mesmerizing though!


Avengers #116 (1973), page 13 by Bob Brown & Mike Esposito – $1,609

$1.6k is a high price to pay for a Bob Brown Avengers page, but there are a couple of factors in play here which pushed it up. First, it’s a dynamic piece comprising of large, flame-packed Silver Surfer panels and shots of the Vision in flight. Second, a “Silver Surfer Tax” exists – whereby ravenous collectors pay premiums for artwork with the Sentinel of the Spaceways – similar to the previously discussed “Thanos/Cosmic Beings Tax”!


Amazing Spider-Man #791 (2018), page 17 by Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger – $406

Amazing Spider-Man #794 (2018), page 15 by Stuart Immonen & Wade von Grawbadger – $407

The value of Immonen’s modern OA continues to solidify, as (to my eye at least) his technique and skills keep improving, and Marvel regularly assigns him to high-profile titles such as Amazing Spider-Man. $400+ for large-paneled, Spidey-filled pages seem about right for brand-new Marvel superhero artwork by Stuart. He’s come a long way from being the relatively unheralded artist taking over on Ultimate Spider-Man after Mark Bagley’s historic run on that title!


ROM Spaceknight #1 (1979), page 2 by Sal Buscema – $5,200

ROM possesses a passionate and apparently wealthy fan-base, as prices for early ROM OA has ratcheted up over the past year. $5.2k is an especially remarkable sum for a non-splash page, but this one does hail from the semi-key ROM Spaceknight #1, and features full-figure and close-up shots of the titular hero.


American Gods: Shadows #5 (2017), cover by Glenn Fabry – $801

For those who haven’t checked them out, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods books are a fine read – no surprise given the pedigree of their author – and the TV show’s a faithful, graphic interpretation of the comics. Artist Glenn Fabry’s best known for painting the covers to Garth Ennis’ Preacher series, however virtually all the original artwork to those covers are locked up in a single private collection. With that in mind, given the literary and artistic pedigree surrounding this American Gods cover, $801 looks like a rather fair price.


Captain America #133 (1971), page 5 by Gene Colan & Dick Ayers – $635

Who doesn’t love the adorable M.O.D.O.K.! Okay so maybe the Mental Organism Designed Only for Killing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but he does have his loyal following (your author included). To these fans (and according to historical price data), $600+ is a middling amount to pay for this early-’70s Colan Captain America #133 page featuring the big bad homicidal head. The heart-wrenching dialogue and imagery in that second panel is also enough to move anyone to tears… right?


Mortal Combat (2007) by Mike Ploog – $1,350; 10”x8”

Both Magic: The Gathering players and comic book readers hold the legendary Mike Ploog in the highest of regard, treasuring the art that this master of the macabre has produced over the decades. Ploog is in his element here, crafting a fittingly gritty and ominous scene from the violent pits of the dastardly Cabal. $1.35k seems spot-on for a vivid oil painting of this size and vintage, which hails the 11-year old 10th Edition set.


Najeela, the Blade-Blossom (2018) by Matt Stewart – $5,656; 18”x14”

$5.7k is a blooming great sum for this Legendary Creature card artwork from the brand new Battlebond set, by modern favourite Matt Stewart. Najeela even rivals the cost of larger Planeswalker pieces by superstar Chris Rahn! She’s also a sight more expensive than Stewart’s same-sized $3.6k Divination from April 2018. One thing’s for sure: Matt’s star is definitely on the ascent.

Until next time, happy collecting!


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