Market Report – Q4 2017 Heritage Sunday Auctions

Hi all, similar to last week’s eBay review, today we’ll look at selected results from HA’s Sunday Auctions in the last quarter of 2017!

October 2017

Silver Surfer #34, page 10 by Ron Lim & Tom Christopher – $1,673

Infinity War #4, page 17 by Ron Lim & Al Milgrom – $1,315

Silver Surfer #34 marks Thanos’ return to the land of the living, 13 years after being turned to stone in 1977’s classic Marvel Two-In-One Annual #2. This Death/Thanos/Surfer splash was a fair buy at $1.7k, and could certainly cross $2k on resale, given the MCU’s upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. Speaking of which, that strong IW #4 Thanos/Infinity Watch/heroes page finished right on target at $1.3k.

New Avengers #63, page 14 by Mike McKone – $120

Astonishing X-Men #44, page 14 by Mike McKone – $114

Several pieces of attractively affordable 2010s Marvel OA by McKone were offered in Q4 2017. Many featured big, bold shots of A-list characters in action, rendered in Mike’s clean, expressive style. At these prices rock-bottom prices, superhero fans should be gleefully scooping up such pages whenever they’re offered!

Star Wars Annual #1, page 34 by Mike Vosburg & Steve Leialoha – $956

Given the $1.5k+ prices of Star Wars OA by the higher profile Carmine Infantino, sub-$1k for this Vosburg page seems about FMV. It really is an excellent one, chock-full of energetic action scenes featuring Luke, Leia and those iconic (plus great for target practice) Stormtroopers!

November 2017

Incredible Hulk #349, page 1 by Jeff Purves & Terry Austin – $2,629

Incredible Hulk #362, page 4 by Jeff Purves & Marie Severin – $586

Purves Hulk pages have been trickling out on HA in the second half of 2017, and prices appear to be gradually rising, as collectors latch on to Jeff’s unique look for the grey/green/gangster giant. I adore that full-body Mr Fixit shot in the funky #349 title-page splash… if only Spidey’s shapeless posterior wasn’t in the way!

Thor #325, page 1 by Alan Kupperberg & Jim Mooney – $896

Someone snagged a terrific deal on this mesmerizing Mephisto title-page splash, which previously sold for $1,434 in May 2016 on HA. It’s surely one of the largest images of Marvel’s premier demon, and perfectly captures his evil essence. Also love that elaborate texturing, courtesy of Craftint art board!

Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #50, page 6 by Geoff Isherwood – $382

Values of early-’90s Isherwood Doctor Strange OA continue to hold firm, at $300+ for strong panel pages. The incarnation of the Defenders on this page features heavy-hitting Marvel heroes who have appeared on screen (or undoubtedly will), and leading-man Cumberbatch ensures that the good doctor’s appeal remains robust for years to come.

Legion of Super-Heroes #288, page 21 by Keith Giffen & Bruce Patterson – $2,151 (Heritage Signature Auction)

Dr. Fate #1, page 1 by Keith Giffen & Dave Hunt – $2,868

Probably best known for his early-’80s Legion of Super-Heroes run, DC stalwart Giffen’s in-demand LOSH and Dr. Fate artwork command outsize prices compared to the rest of his oeuvre. From the above, it’s easy to see why though, as that Legion page is simply sizzling, and Fate has never looked more striking!

Wonder Woman #283, page 13 by Jose Delbo & Dave Hunt – $1,076

Wonder Woman #285, page 16 by Jose Delbo & Dave Hunt – $956

Prices for Delbo WW OA from the early-’80s seem to have benefitted from a slight post-movie bump – but nothing too spectacular – which might make the present an opportune time to snap up prime pieces from his run. I’d definitely consider pages like the ones above to be grade-A material, and $1k-ish for such wonderful art seems like a fine deal. Given that Diana/Gal is the DC Extended Universe’s shining star, the value upside of quality WW artwork could be significant.

December 2017

Incredible Hulk #375, page 12 by Dale Keown & Bob McLeod – $1,315 (November 2017)

Incredible Hulk #387, page 14 by Dale Keown & Joe Rubinstein – $1,076

Keown Hulk artwork appears to have come off its highs recently, which could be due to a variety of reasons. Perhaps the buyers who pushed prices of panel pages up to $2k+ have scratched that particular itch? Could it be the festive season lull, where people have their attentions and budgets turned elsewhere? Or maybe it’s because these two pages just aren’t as appealing to collectors as those $2k+ ones?

Excalibur #42, page 20 by Alan Davis & Mark Farmer – $538

Excalibur #55, page 8 by Alan Davis & Mark Farmer – $627

There’s no end in sight to the two-a-week Davis Excalibur pages being offered on HA, but that doesn’t seem to have had any detrimental effect on values. If anything, prices for decent panel pages seem to be firming up in the mid-hundreds range, with occasional forays into $1.5k+ territory!


Sandman #40, page 17 by Jill Thompson & Vince Locke – $2,629

Nice non-Dream Thompson Sandman panel pages generally hover around the $2.5k mark, so this one finished at FMV. It’s a particularly fetching example – densely packed with supporting characters such as the ever-entertaining Cain & Abel, future Dream Daniel Hall, and a cute baby gargoyle! I think this page was well-bought, in light of the enduring appeal of Gaiman’s opus.


Esteemed OA collector and historian, Lee Benaka, recently started writing weekly previews of HA’s Sunday auctions. Lee’s insightful, well-researched articles contain predictions of final prices, references to historical price data, and recaps of finished auctions. His ComicArtAds website archives OA advertisements stretching back to the ’70s, and also includes interviews with art dealers. Please check it out here:

Lee’s a friendly, supportive guy who’s eager to grow and foster appreciation for this hobby that he loves. I’m ecstatic that we have such a tremendous asset to OA collecting, and wish Lee all the best with his website and column!

Until next time, happy collecting!

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