Market Report – September 2017 ComicConnect and eBay Auctions

Welcome back everyone, today let’s look at select eBay auctions from August and results from ComicConnect’s September Event Auction!

eBay Auctions – August 2017

Uncanny X-Men #514, page 10 by Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson – $239.39

Here are large, appealing images of a desirable Dodson babe in action, by the renown husband and wife artistic team. In my opinion, $240 is an attractive price for fine art like this from one of the most esteemed titles in our hobby, and savvy buyers should take advantage while they can. In fact, for some reason, Dodson prices actually appear to have softened slightly in recent times!

Invincible Iron Man #7, page 15 by Salvador Larroca – $219.60

eBay continues to provide bounteous affordable artwork, throwing out this dynamic and action packed half-page splash featuring two of Marvel’s biggest stars for a little over $200. Larroca OA remains eminently affordable, and is great value for money considering Salvador’s continued relevance and prominence!

Black Panther #2, page 7 by Jack Kirby & Mike Royer – $4,226

This 1976 page from a well-remembered storyline with multiple strong images of T’Challa was a pleasant eBay find (two ’60s Kirby Thor pages also recently sold on eBay). Prices of late-’70s Kirby Marvel OA from lower-tier titles such as Black Panther are rising in tandem with his other works – case in point, I think this page would have fetched closer to $3k three years back. Royer also happens to be one of my favourite Kirby inkers – his bold strokes and delicate lines perfectly accentuate the King’s kinetic figures and exaggerated facial expressions of that period!

Warlock #1, page 19 by Gil Kane & Tom Sutton – $1,524

Whilst researching sales data, I was surprised to learn how (relatively) cheap OA from Warlock vol. 1 still is! Similar panel pages have been hovering in the $1.5-2k range for the past couple of years. $1.5k for this one featuring the titular hero in most panels, with some action and large panels thrown in, from #1 of his first standalone series, seems like a bargain in today’s bubbly OA market. Given that Adam is a lock to appear in future MCU films following GOTG Vol. 2’s end-credits scene, and this 45-year old series’ (1972) highly respected artistic duo of Kane & Sutton, I’d say there’s good value potential still waiting to be unleashed from these pages. Marvel Cosmic fans or savvy art investors should snap them up now!

Darkness #9, pages 21 & 22 DPS by Marc Silvestri & Matt “Batt” Banning – $1,633.03

Here’s the recipient of my “Best eBay bargain of August 2017” award. This magnificent splash surely ranks as one of Marc’s top Darkness renditions, and is a piece I thought would definitely crack $2k. Considering he’s one of the more popular Image Comics founders, with his own distinctive style and studio, a large portion of Silvestri’s non-Wolverine OA still seems undervalued to me!

X-Force #5, page 13 by Rob Liefeld, Brian Murray & Marat Mychaels – $1,522

Liefeld XF prices remain rock-solid, with this fun page finishing right at expected FMV. Per the reasons mentioned in my Rob Liefeld Artist Spotlight, I still feel that his early-’90s OA has reasonable room to run (visible feet or no)!

Incredible Hulk #341, page 12 by Todd McFarlane – $5,215.55

McHulk’s McMovin’ on up! As discussed in my Todd McFarlane Artist Spotlight, cat’s out of the bag, and Hulk is doing his darndest to catch Spidey in the McArtwork price stakes. This intense page would have likely cost between $3-4k as recently as last year, but those days appear long past now.

Star Wars #31, page 23 by Carmine Infantino & Bob Wiacek – $1,951

Star Wars #35, page 19 by Carmine Infantino & Gene Day – $1,632

Panel pages containing any main character (or vessel) from Marvel’s 1970’s Star Wars series appear to be firmly entrenched in the $1.5k-and-up league. This remains quite the achievement, as before the recent Star Wars resurgence, prices (and demand) for SW OA languished in a galaxy far, far away!

ComicConnect Event Auction – 11 September 2017

Forever People #9, page 25 by Jack Kirby & Mike Royer – $3,150

Hunger Dogs, page 30 by Jack Kirby & D. Bruce Berry – $3,100

Some consider Kirby’s “Fourth World” saga for DC to be his Magnum Opus in terms of creative conceptualization and bombastic visualization – which he subsequently carried over (in the form of ideas and energy) to his late-’70s Eternals run over at Marvel. $3.2k for that Forever People #9 non-action panel page seems like a strong price, considering this title page splash from #8 sold for $5.3k in May 2017 on Heritage Auctions. That page from 1985’s Hunger Dogs graphic novel also performed well, almost doubling its previous sale for $1.7k in February 2014 on HA. Looks like values of ’70s Kirby OA from lower-tier DC titles are moving up, perhaps even more so than for his Marvel work discussed above!

Wonder Woman #37, cover by David Finch & Richard Friend – $3,744

Forever Evil #5, pages 2 & 3 DPS by David Finch & Richard Friend – $1,412

That’s some mighty attractively-priced Finch OA. This $7.1k Wonder Woman #36 variant cover is more in line with my pre-auction estimates, and may be explained by the slightly larger image of Diana? Regardless, I feel that the WW #37 cover has superior rendering and composition, and should have fetched $5k at the very least. That absolutely packed Forever Evil #5 double-page splash (including Batman and an alluring Catwoman) should have easily crossed $2k. Given my bullish outlook on Finch OA, I’d probably have won (or at least driven up) these two pieces if I hadn’t slept through the auction!

Uncanny X-Men #115, page 17 by John Byrne & Terry Austin – $18,200

Pursuant to my February 2017 Market Report, Byrne UXM OA prices continue to remain flat, and are perhaps even softening slightly. $18.2k for this strong page stuffed with X-Men and that large last panel team shot seems like an eminently reasonable sum to me!

Skullmane Baku by Greg Hildebrandt – $650; 11.5”x14″

Firemaw Kavu by Greg Hildebrandt – $976; 10”x13”

We finally get to discuss Magic: The Gathering original artwork – I’d been waiting for a chance to introduce MTG OA into these articles! I follow the MTG metagame (all formats), and also track its vintage card and original artwork market. These two pieces are fairly large for MTG card OA, and as you’ll notice, were crafted by Greg Hildebrandt (who’s equally admired in both the comics and MTG worlds). I believe these prices are representative of artwork from non-significant cards printed in the mid-2000’s. Hopefully we get an opportunity to do a deeper dive into MTG OA one day!

Side Note: I’m glad that CC has started offering MTG card OA, which is something that HA also does (albeit very sporadically). Comics-focused auction houses should consider seriously expanding into MTG OA, because as far as I’m aware, at present there aren’t any MTG-focused auction platforms (just eBay). Most MTG OA is offered for sale via social media platforms, or by artists, artist reps and dealers. I think that similar to Modern Age comic book OA, there’s significant value upside in MTG OA, as Millennials who grew up reading comics and playing MTG enter their prime income-earning years, and look to collect childhood nostalgia-related items.

Until next time, happy collecting!


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