Market Report – September 2018 ComicLink Featured Auction

Welcome back everyone, today we’ll go through results from ComicLink’s Featured Auction on 4th September 2018! Most items sold in the middle of their FMV range, with some pieces ending on the lower end of that scale and a few over-performers also present. The price stability exhibited in recent major auctions, combined with an increasing flow of funds to high quality pieces, demonstrates the continued maturation of the original comic art market. Alright time to dive back into the OA pool!


Sandman #43 (1992), page 6 by Jill Thompson & Vince Locke – $8,863

Sandman #69 (1995), pages 21 & 22 by Marc Hempel – $13,055

That Sandman #43 Thompson page pulled in a hefty sum, probably due to the multi-panel presence of Dream and Delirium, surrounded by some detailed architecture. The #69 Hempel pages showcasing his simple style also performed well, mainly down to that large panel debuting Daniel Hall as the new Dream. Even though Jill and Marc aren’t considered to be in the upper echelons of Sandman artists, the robust prices that these pieces fetched are indicative of the continued appeal of Gaiman’s magnum opus.


Daredevil: The Man Without Fear #5 (1994), cover by John Romita Jr. & Al Williamson – $13,250

The continued underperformance of these striking, classic Daredevil covers mystifies me. Given the acclaim this Frank Miller-penned series received, along with the fact that strong panel pages fetch over $2k, $13.3k seems a stunning deal! Once again, I regret not paying closer attention to an auction of a Man Without Fear cover, and extend my congratulations to the winner.


Infinity Gauntlet #1 (1991), page 12 by George Perez & Joe Rubinstein – $22,972

Marvel Cosmic and especially Infinity Gauntlet-related artwork remain blazingly hot: while expected, the $23k hammer of this splash page is still impressive to behold. When it comes to IG OA valuation, traditional metrics include size and quantity of images with Thanos wielding the Gauntlet on a page. By those measures, this splash featuring a lone, relatively small shot of him back-dropped by (admittedly pretty) Perez abstract art doesn’t tick the right boxes. Although it didn’t much appeal to me, a bunch of other collectors were obviously smitten!


Sin City: The Big Fat Kill #2 (1994), page 12 by Frank Miller – $5,201

Following the June 2018 $10k sale of page 6 from Big Fat Kill – a full-page torso splash of maskless Miho – I expected this page 12 splash to close in the region of $8k. Considering it contains a full-figure Miho in gruesome action, and taking into account recent sales of Sin City panel pages, $5.2k looks a fine value. I was an underbidder here, and probably should have pushed in a $6k bid!


Spawn #33 (1995), page 19 by Todd McFarlane & Greg Capullo – $8,100

Values of OA from Spawn #33 – which contained significant artistic contributions from McFarlane – had been well established in last year’s auctions of multiple pages. This cover-worthy splash is the best page in the book, and probably one of the top images in existence of Spawn battling arch-nemesis Violator. Given that average pages from #33 sell for $2k+, the winner can be proud of a piece well bought!


Spider-Man #8 (1991), pages 11 & 12 by Todd McFarlane – $27,999

Wow this is the rare McSpidey sale that struck me as something of a bargain! Double-page spreads of Todd’s Spider-Man are scarce – granted this one’s main image is slightly truncated – but it’s still an intricately-rendered shot in McFarlane’s inimitable style, with some MJ and JJJ thrown in. Plus, it’s drawn on a pair of “twice-up” size art boards. Considering March 2018’s $22.3k Spider-Man #12 panel page sale, this huge #8 DPS for only 26% more likely resulted in a very happy new owner!


Venom: Lethal Protector #5 (1993), page 18 by Ron Lim & Sam de la Rosa – $1,550

So now it isn’t just Ron’s Marvel Cosmic OA that’s prized – his Venom artwork has also become hot property, doubtless fueled by the upcoming Tom Hardy movie. Decent Lim Lethal Protector pages used to sell in the mid to high-hundreds, but like other Symbiote-related OA, is now subject to the escalating “Venom Tax”!


Tales of Suspense #99 (1968), page 4 by Jack Kirby & Syd Shores – $8,800

We’ve seen that the Black Panther movie had a strong effect on Bronze Age Panther OA prices, and it’s no surprise that Silver Age BP artwork has been pushed up as well. Co-creator Kirby only produced a limited amount of ’60s Black Panther art, so finding a page with large images of T’Challa in action (alongside Captain America no less) is a treat. $8.8k is exactly in line with the current elevated prices, but I think it’s a canny buy with good growth potential, given the popularity and scarcity of its subject matter.


Venom #1 (2017), variant cover by Clayton Crain – $4,088

Venom #150 (2017), variant cover by Clayton Crain – $3,081

I’m a big Crain fan and was excited to see these appear, as they’re the first painted covers of his I can recall being offered at auction. Prior to the sale, a knowledgeable Crain collector shared his take on the expected results, and he turned out to be spot on! In light of that, these prices appear representative of market values, and finally set a public benchmark for Clayton’s fantastic work.


Marvel Premiere #47 (1979), page 2 by John Byrne & Bob Layton – $5,101

Hailing from the issue where Scott Lang assumed the mantle of Ant-Man, this page with multiple panels of our battling hero was a… steal! When you consider the stratospheric values of other peak-period Byrne art, the skyrocketing prices for his less desirable mid-’80s works, the significance of this 1st Appearance issue, and Ant-Man’s bright future in the MCU, that $5.1k hammer appears eminently enticing.

Until next time, happy collecting!


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