Marriage, Morbius, Mohawks & More!

     Welcome to this week’s True Firsts and happy fourth of July!

There have been some interesting announcements over that last week including conformation of a Nightbreed show on Amazon!  For me this is awesome news and not just because I own an uncorrected Cabal.  Nightbreed was speculated on going back some three years.  Today everyone is looking for the quick flip and that is just fine but before we blow out that old spec box think twice!

Enjoy today’s recommendations…



Marko Djurdjevic SDCC Poster 2010

First appearance of Deadpool Stealth suit

         If you haven’t yet read Valiant Horton’s excellent article on this costume I suggest you do so!

In it he explains why you should have Wolverine Road to Hell in your collection.  Though it isn’t the first appearance of the post Second Coming Uncanny X-Force, it is the first comic appearance of the Deadpool stealth suit.

In July 2010 Marvel released a massive poster which is the first published image of the new costume.  The poster is rare and valuable.  It was latter cut up and made into variant covers for a few different Marvel books.  The image of Deadpool was used as a 1:75 variant for issue 1.  This issue came out after Road to Hell but it is kind of interesting because it’s the first published cover for the first published image of the stealth costume! OK that sounds nuts but it’s true!



Batman Prelude to the Wedding Rah’s a ghul 1

First appearance of Aion Wayne

So the wedding was spoiled, Tom King is taking heat and DC showed no balls on this one.  Despite an epic, Marvelesque type fail, the whole thing gave us one bright spot and it was easy to miss.  Aion Wayne is the future son of Batman and Catwoman.  Just because they don’t get married doesn’t mean we won’t see this guy down the road and what a character he is!  He looks like Bruce but has her green eyes and sports Selina’s cat-o-nine-tails! Yes yes, I know he was a hallucination but it’s comcs y’all.  Someday DC will find a way.


NOTE: The whip made its first appearance in Batman 39




Morbius 1 ( 2013 ) Newsstand & 2nd print only

Leto announced as the Living Vampire didn’t hurt sales of Morbius keys.  While everyone is shelling out big money for the first you could look to buy thing one cheap and stash it away, that is if you can find it!  You can’t go wrong with a Dell’Otto cover newsstand or the second print.

NOTE: Thanks to G+ member Jason Shaw for pointing out the existence of the second printing.



Avengers 71 ( Volume 3 )

No first hear unless you count how Pym pleasures Janet!  A controversial moment and a badass cover make this a comic every fan should own.



Spider-Man Homecoming DVD Comic Exclusive

First Cindy Moon E-19999

A few months ago I featured the firsts of important characters from the E-199999 which is the Marvel cinematic designation for Earth!  Well Cindy Moon does have an underappreciated first and it’s in an exclusive.



Captain Marvel 1 ( 2012 ) 

First appearance of Carol Danvers wearing Mohawk mask

If that official  t-shirt worn by Sam Jackson on Instagram is any indication,  we can expect to see the  mohawk in the film.  Danvers sporting a mohawk first appeared in issue 1 of the 2012 series.  There are multiple covers but the 1:25 is undervalued.

Captain Marvel 13

First mohawk on cover


Journey into Mystery 632

First appearance of Thori

Jason Aaron is using fan favorite Thori in the new series.  I’m a sucker for animal firsts.


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