Marvel 50th Anniversary Variants

Welcome back to another Run Recap!  This week we take a look at Marvel’s 2011 50th Anniversary Run.  Not the highest point in Marvel print runs, most of these books simply do not exist right now.

25 titles got the special homage treatment though when you look at how low the max print runs could be, building a set certainly seems daunting.

Below each comic is the max number of the variant(based on the 1:50 ration against the stated print run of the comic) that could exist.

Remember a lot of stores were not ordering enough of most of these titles to qualify and that some of the projected numbers are actually much lower.


Amazing Spider-Man #674
1,154 copies
Avengers #18 
1,177 copies
Captain America #6 
955 copies
776 copies
Deadpool #45
551 copies
1,021 copies
Hulk #42 
540 copies
1,602 copies
Invincible Iron Man #510
762 copies
The Mighty Thor #7
880 copies
541 copies
New Avengers #17  
1,114 copies
507 copies
Secret Avengers #19 
823 copies
453 copies
Ultimate Comics Ultimates  #4
786 copies
1,047 copies
Uncanny X-Men #2
1,449 copies
Wolverine & X-Men #2 
1,667 copies
650 copies
X-23 #15
480 copies
X-Men: Legacy #259
761 copies

Max available print runs determined using’s posted sales information.

Thanks to Van Denby, the inspiration for recreating this list.

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