Marvel doesn’t spend, Unless they intend…


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members! Can you believe Christmas shopping is in full swing? Costco has trees and toys out like it’s tomorrow. Amazon just mailed their Christmas book wish list for all the good little girls and boys. Finally, big box stores such as Target have sent out their annual toy catalog for our children, or us to thumb thru and circle all our wishes and desires.

Funny, we as consumers can start to see what some of the potential “HOT” gift ideas. Perhaps at the very least, what the bigger companies are doing for their lineups. Ironically, we here as comic fans of spec are scouring websites, social media, etc. on a daily basis to get a jump on books that could heat up.

If we stop and take our heads out of our digital devices for a bit, and go old school we can see a clear pattern with Marvel’s future intentions. Follow the money — The Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors (MRSW) team is getting an extreme amount of play in digital land, print, and now with a fresh new toy line. Have any interest? Take a trip into Target, you will be surprised at the amount of finances Marvel has dumped into this group.

So let’s examine this team…Who are they? Is there meat on the bone with some characters? Finally, do some of these carry vastly underrated spec issues or variants? All this and more, so pull up a seat!


*The following are pictures of the new 12” line of dolls

Gwen Stacy aka Ghost-Spider/Spider-Gwen

*1st appearance Edge of Spiderverse 2


Unless you are newer to comics or living under a rock, this above 1:25 Greg Land Variant is bonkers on the aftermarket. We all keep waiting for it to level or drop, yet with the movie and toy line the sky’s the limit. Cosplay, great suit, she has it all.

A few to chase...

Edge of Spider-Verse 2 5th printing


Spider-Gwen # 16 1:50 Dave Johnson Variant

Spider-Gwen #27B Putri

Doreen Green aka Squirrel Girl

*1st appearance Marvel Super Heroes Vol. 2 # 8


This is one of those books that yo-yos within the aftermarket. It’s a solid purchase that is affordable and has chances to shoot up with the increased market exposure. If you come across a newsstand copy, even better!



A few to chase…

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl # 1 1:20 Siya Oum Variant


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl # 5 2nd print


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl # 28


America Chavez aka Miss America

*1st appearance Vengeance # 1


This 1:15 Deodato cover as been on an upward trajectory the past few years. Many feel this character is underutilized and this could potentially become a book in the value of EOSV 2 Land Variant. This may be wishful thinking, but there is no doubt she has potential and speaks to a lot of younger girls throughout the world


A few to chase…

America # 1 1:50 Adams Variant


Ultimates # 2 1:25 Cheung Variant


Ultimates # 5B Putri


Daisy Johnson aka Quake

*1st appearance Marvel Secret Wars II


Daisy has always taken a back seat within her Marvel storylines for the most part. While she shows leadership qualities and cool powers, she is often an afterthought. This perhaps could all change with this new seles and she could move to the forefront of current storylines. While her 1st app is still relatively cheap, who knows if we will be saying this in a year?


A few to chase…

Quake # 1 Shield 50th Anniversary Ward Variant


Quake # 1 SHIELD Variant


Secret Night Warriors # 22


Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel

*1st appearance Captain Marvel # 14 (2013)


Once again, a modern key in many eyes to a character that has no limits in terms of spec value. She is very popular with girls and within the Cosplay world. In addition, you give her a small 2nd print first cover appearance and she’s loaded for success. Kamala’s future is very bright. Question is for some of is it already too late to board this train?


A few to chase…

A-Force # 2 ComiXology SDCC 15 Variant


Howard the Duck # 4 1:25 Shirahama Variant


Marvel Contest of Champions # 5 1:10 Kabam


Dante Peruz aka Inferno

*1st appearance Inhuman # 1 2014


The cover shown above is the 1:100 Manara Variant. Dante Pertuz is a complex character. He lived with his mother and sister in Illinois.  When the Terrigen bomb was released in NYC it spread Terrigen throughout the world forcing those of Inhuman ancestry to undergo Terrigenesis and enter a cocoon.  When he emerges he finds that his mother was put in a cocoon but died from the Terrigenesis process. He was given an advanced form of Pyrokinesis


A few to chase…

1st app – Inhuman # 1 JSC 1:75 Variant


Inhuman # 2A


Uncanny Inhumans # 5 Cho Variant


Rayshaun Lucas aka Patriot

1st appearance Captain America: Sam Wilson # 18


Rayshaun Lucas was recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D., where he was trained by Captain America. After Sam Wilson resigned as Captain America, began to draw designs for a costume he called The Patriot. Tony Stark built him a shield based upon his designs for a new Patriot. He also programmed a Natasha Romanoff A.I. to help train him, and in relatively short order Shaun was already becoming a fine combatant as the all-new Patriot


A few to chase…

Secret Empire: Brave New World # 2

*Debut of New Patriot


Falcon Vol 2 # 8


Falcon Vol 2 # 1 1:25 Cassara Variant

The following is for the rabbit hole dwellers in all of us!


The two animal companions of the Marvel Rising crew are Lockjaw and Tippy Toe.


Fantastic Four # 45 1st Lockjaw appearance


G.L.A. # 4 1st Tippy Toe appearance


Why not, even a few to chase…


A Year of Marvels The Unbeatable # 1


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl # 36


Ms Marvel # 3 1:25 Tarr Variant


Lockjaw and The Pet Avengers Unleashed # 2


Bonus, being a cool under the radar cover…


Lockjaw and The Pet Avengers Unleashed # 2 1:25 Henrichon Variant


Alright, that was an exhaustive list, but you get the point. Those of us who may be newer at this, here’s a few key takeaways:

  • Pay close attention to newer grouping of characters. Is there a new team that is formed? Do you see them together in comics?
  • Take a peek at the toy lines every now and then. Is there someone getting a lot of love?
  • Watch what’s out there or coming in media form. Web Shows, Blu Ray releases, Netflix, etc.
  • See what Cosplay is hot when you are visiting Cons, or other venues were appropriate
  • There is nothing wrong with cheap spec on mid range characters. Grab 1st app, or important issues with them. They can only go up if bought at the bottom. Look left when others are looking right


I hope some of this helps. This was intended to be more of an exercise in using our eyes and ears more outside of the Internet world. At times I feel we would be crippled without it as we depend on it so much for our info almost as much as the air we breathe. Seems kind of sad isn’t it? We all survived before it, and I think sometimes we forget just how valuable and important good ole word of mouth is in the world! In our hobby those are called sleepers or slow burns folks. All of the abovementioned Marvel characters were just that upon inception.

Wednesday Warriors don’t make long term keys, well written characters accomplish this over time!

If you want to get ahead in this game think outside the box!



Talk soon,






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