Maxwell Lord, Elseworlds, The Quantum Realm, Warrior Nun Arelea and More!



Oh boy do I have a truck load of craziness for all you collectors out there.  And for the naysayers, well lets just say I’ll see you all at the party


Booster Gold 16

First appearance of Maxwell Lord

You all love a good villain rumor right? The talk this week is that Wonder Woman 1984 actor Pedro Pascal will be playing a depowered Maxwell Lord in the upcoming sequel.

If so Justice League 1 from 1987 will starts drying up. But…..
Maxwell Lord appears in in Booster Gold 16 released the same month.

Now I know what some will say, Justice League has to predate this right? So I took the time to read them. There is nothing in the narrative that really puts one ahead of the other. He is recruiting in both issues. In Justice League 2 Maxwell is told by a subordinate that Mr. Gold has arrived placing the conversation he has in Booster 16 prior to issue 2 of Justice League which was released in June of 1987.

Looks like a tie to me at the least. I prefer this one if that is the case, you know the run on issue 1 of Justice League was monstrous.

There are Canadian price variants for both that have  1.00 cover prices.




Fantastic Four 16 & Captain America 26

First appearance of the Microverse

There’s a lot to speculate concerning future phases of the MCU.  Eternals, Celestials, the FF but the introduction of the Quantum Realm has already been established.  With all the action happening in space maybe down the road heading to underspace might be just the unique, unexplored setting Marvel needs.  The only problem is that much of Marvel’s history there revolves around a property they no longer have the rights to, The Micronauts.  It is unfortunate because a villain like Baron Karza would be perfect for Marvel.  Luckily we do have a Micronauts film on the way.

There are many creatures and civilizations Marvel could tap here and as I said they have already laid some groundwork in Antman & the Wasp. This includes what appears to be a city in a blink and miss it moment. I will be giving more in depth analysis on this in the future.





Batman Begins Limited Blu-ray Set

First appearance fo Nolanverse Joker

There’s a crazy rumor out there pertaining to the new Joker film. Is it an origin story for the Nolanverse Joker? There are some interesting similarities!  If that proves to be true the Nolanverse Joker did have a comic book first, the Dark Knight prologue Blu-Ray mini comic!

NOTE:  The comic is only in the lenticular blu-ray.  The DVD has a usb flash drive instead.



Batman Holy Terror

First Elseworlds Logo

This year’s DC CW crossover will have some connection to the old DC alternate universe stories called Elseworlds.  This book is not the first Elseworlds tale, that honor goes to Gotham by Gaslight but the logo debuted here.




Ninja High School 37

First appearance of Shanna/Shannon Masters, Lilith and Magic Priest

It took some time and assistance from some dedicated G+ members but this book is the book to own if you are betting on Netflix’s recent Warrior Nun Areala announcement.

Four days ago Ben Dunn even chimed in on Twitter, detailing why this book is the one to own.

Some folks jumped in hard on 38 based on past info that was incorrect.

Not only is Dunn’s video important but there is this,

Notable issues; Ninja High School 38,

Warrior Nun Arelea Ashcan ( first appearance of Shannon Masters as Warrior Nun )

Warrior Nun Areala 1 Platinum limited to 5000


Issue 3 CD Edition limited to 7000

and thanks to G+ member Zack Patrick for finding this preview of the 1994 series.



Warrior Nun Arelea Anime 1

This may very well be the rarest Warrior Nun comic.  It was released with the VHS anime and might be one of the only comics ever released with a VHS tape!

To find it you must locate the slip case as it is not available with the tape alone.




October Faction NYCC Ashcan

Here is an impossible find, the first appearance of October Faction.  Don’t let others sway you from rare firsts. Try finding a Fix ashcan or any color Maxx ashcan and don’t even get me started on that Batman Grendel edition.  Look a first is a first.  Some folks might not like the fact that they occasionally happen is this style but it does. Right now there is only one on Ebay while issue 1,1b and 1c are plentiful and inexpensive.




Spider-Man the Official Movie Adaptation/Walmart Exclusive

First appearance of E-96283 Spider-Man

If we can spec on Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Ham than why not the Spider-man who trains Miles?  He sure looks like Spider-Man (Earth-96283).  All the flashback sequences are of his Sony film exploits.  If that proves to be true he made his first comic appearance here.





Wheel of Time 0 PX Exclusive

I picked this one a while back and now Amazon has finally picked it up which is great news.  It is another recent example of the need to be patient.   This is the first comic appearance.  The variant is the only one I would shoot for.


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