May 5


Happy May-day!

How about the news about Beta Ray Bill said to be appearing in GOTG 3? Talk about breaking the internet. Thor 337 went ballistic over the weekend. Mark Jewelers and Canadian Price Variations are going to really be prized possessions now. Don’t forget the publications that picture him prior to Thor #337; Comic Reader #212 and Marvel Age #6. I believe Quasar was mentioned as well.

So, aside from Beta, where is the public investing their Marvel dollars now?

I’m seeing interest in Warlock still, specifically, Marvel Premiere #1. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1 remains in play. X-Men #101/Phoenix is still as hot as ever. Young Avengers seems to be the latest gambling fad in full effect. Sentry too, as well as Totally Awesome Hulk #1. And, are Marvel Spotlight #5 and Hulk #180 continuing to climb?

Don’t forget Kamala is coming to the MCU, says Kevin Feige and Brie Larson.

Black Cat is hot as well. ASM194 in particular. New series coming out plus rumors again of her headed for live action.

There’s so much more. Speculation has never been so wide open!

As for me, aside from the above mentioned books, I’m just getting around to backing up my assumptions and beliefs that the Starjammers at some point will be the big screen focus. Shi’ar Empire would be a strong play. Let’s take a look at a few, shall we?



X-Men #97

First appearances of Shi-ar and their ships. Also, Eric The Red.



Here’s all we see of Lilandra for her “first appearance”.



And Emperor D’Ken’s first appearance! Can we really call part of his arm that?



Ms Marvel #9, 1977.

First appearance of Deathbird, Lilandra’s (evil) sister.

While we’re talking sisters, Cassandra Nova is Professor X’s sister, sort of. Her 1st app is in New X-Men #114, 2001.


X-Men #104

First appearances of The Starjammers. Of the Starjammers, Cpatain Corsair, Ch’od and his pet Cr’reee debut in this book, pictured below.



That’s all we get of them in here.

Also, here’s what I’m reading is the first full appearance of Lilandra?



That’s all we see of her in this book.

And, is this really the first time the X-Men Blackbird is shown?



X-Men #107

This one’s probably my favorite. So many introductions!

The cover and this really cool spread show most of the characters.



First appearances include over a dozen Imperial Guards including Gladiator, the M’Kraan Crystal itself, Starjammers Hepzibah and Raza, and also the Soul-Drinker!

Here’s our inside look at the original Starjammers Team.



Did you know?

I thought this was interesting. Probably more of a useless fact. Unless you’re a die-hard Nightcrawler fan! This is the first time he teleports with someone else!



Did you also know? The Shi-ar is a warrior race with a galactic empire which rules over a million worlds. Their throne world is Chadilar and they are from the planet Aerie. They are one of Marvel’s main and largest extraterrestrial species.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend watching X-Men the Animated Series, Season 3 from 1994, Episodes 3-7, titled “The Phoenix Saga”.


X-twenty-ham, the Spider-image All-Star!


All New Wolverine #2, 2016, 1:25 Variant

First Appearance of The Sisters. Who are the sisters? In short, they are ten clones of Laura Kinney. The most notable 3 from this book who debut are Bellona (X23_1BEL), Gabby (X23_4GAB) and Zelda (X23_2ZEL).

This was a several hundred dollar book not too long ago. As usual, no news means a great time to buy, if you’re a believer in more happening with these characters. A recent sale ended at slightly over $100 in a bidding war, which is super low in my opinion, though a 9.8 sold for $400.

The first and second prints to this issue are down a bit too.

Here’s some panels where they first appear…



ASM #528, 2006, Retailer Incentive Sketch Variant


Spiderham! Once upon a time this was an impossible book.


Wraith! Getting ready for the NOS4A2 AMC show’s June premiere.

More Stumptown.

Didn’t see any updates other than the pilot is still currently in production.

Image Comics FCBD Summer Special, 2004

My “See Spawn, Buy Spawn” habit is real! Invincible sighting too!

Secret Wars #1, 2015, Legacy Comics & Cards Red Variant.

Love this now classic pose. Cover swipe mania with it!

Justice League Adventures #13, 2003 Toys R Us Giveaway.

First appearance of All Star. Remember when this was scorching hot years ago? Is this still All-Star’s lone appearance? In any case, with most older giveaways, not an easy find in higher grade.



Teen Titans #8, 2004

First appearance of Rose Wilson as the new Ravager?



Talk to me!



“I don’t even want to look.”

“Please, look. Look! You have to. Come on! There’s a fight about to go down with a bunch of Marvel women looking on. And there’s a green thing too!”

Saga #1 2012, Second Print, Image Comics.

“You tell the truth. I’m holding the lasso.”

“No, you tell the truth! I’m holding the lasso too!”

Wonder Woman #613 2011 Alex Garner Variant.

I initially thought Nemesis made her first appearance here, but it looks like she had a cameo in #611 and first full in #612. She is an Olympian god who brings vengeance for those killed unjustly.



“I will wipe both of those… what are those, awkward smiles? I… will wipe both of those awkward smiles off your faces! While all the Women of Marvel watch!”

Secret Avengers #4, 2010, Limited 1 for 15 Women of Marvel Frame Variant.

“Quieet! Hulk need help!”

Immortal Hulk #2, 2018.

Lots of people are still looking for this book!

“Hi, I’m Spongebob.”

Spongebob Comics #1, 2011.

“Spongewhat? Stop. Being. So. Happy! The battle for heaven and hell is at stake!”

Image United #1-c, 2009, Cover by Todd McFarlane.

What’s that? Something Spawn? Yes, please! This appears to be a $20+ book. The black and white version goes for quite a bit more, as does the 2nd print.

“Heaven. Hell. Real Hulk Stuck!”

The New Avengers #24, 1:25, 2012, Art Appreciation Variant Cover by Michael Del Mundo.

Are these Avengers Art Appreciation 1:25’s underappreciated? Or, simply forgotten about?

I believe there were 20 made for this set? Here is a list of the other 19.

Hulk #1, 2008 Variant.

Who is the Red Hulk??? I won’t spoil it for you. Ha!!


More Kamala!


Kamala Khan is the future (of the MCU?) huh? This is the last affordable, or possibly the next in line to climb, Kamala 1st appearance, with the way Captain Marvel #14’s and #17 2nd prints have soared. And for whatever reason, 9.8’s aren’t in abundance for this book. Less than 100 exist! Add in the 1:75 to the ‘not cheap anymore’ list for this issue.

Remember when?

Remember when 5 Below included the 1:75 in their sealed packs? People were finding them in quantity, left and right! Hard to believe the exact same was happening and at the exact same time with the Ultimate Fallout 4 variant. This dragged down prices at the time, as the market was flooded with copies. Just goes to show, you never know when books are going to dry up. Sometimes, the dry spout lasts for a short while, but other times books never come back around. Not cheap anyways!

Alright guys, I’m off! Off, as in, no longer on. Off as in, ‘something’s not right with that guy!’

Wait, didn’t we want to give away another book? Did we? Why yes. Yes we did! Let’s give away an All New Marvel Point One #1 first print! But why? Well, why not? Excellent ‘no idea why’ idea!

Same rules as last week. Simply comment for a chance to own one! We’ll pick winners next week for this one and for the Eternals #1 from last week, so feel free to comment over on last week’s post as well if you’re interested in owning an Eternals #1’s for the incredibly price gauging(less), eye popping, made you look twice price of zero dollars and zero cents, which comes to a grand total of $0.00!

Have a great week!


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