Me & the Sidekick

After the postman dropped off three packages, this urge to buy more comics swelled inside me.  So I grabbed my trusty sidekick (the boy) and off we went to one of the local comic shops.  While there, my son decided he wanted some books.  He picked up a run of the comic version of the Flash television series.  It is a kind of cheesy book, but if he is reading, I am happy.

I didn’t buy anything earth shattering.  I was bummed that they were sold out of the first issue of Silk.  This thing is on fire.  The only copy they had was the Skottie Young variant.  After a couple of GI Joe variants I was done.



Remember that I mentioned three packages in the opening sentence?  Oh yeah.  Again, nothing crazy, but filling in some gaps.

Legends #1-6 from the CGC Forums.  These books came hail from Canada, but with Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad heating up, I decided to pay the extra in postage.



An eBay seller had a full run of the original Marvel Star Wars broken into groups for sale.  I bid on all of them, but I only won one.  I was shocked to see some of the prices these books ended up going for.  I did not have any of these issues in my collection, so it worked out for me.



Another eBay seller had a bunch of books that I thought I would win.  I decided to bid on some of his other stuff because I knew I would win much of what I bid on.  Yep, you guessed it.  Lost each and every one except for New Mutants #16.  A great book for 99 cents, but not when you get nailed with $6 in shipping.  Still, first appearance of Warpath goes in the longbox.