Megacon Tampa Bay Variants

Fan Expo doesn’t stop organizing conventions, which means we can’t stop talking about them. This time they’re gearing up for Megacon Tampa Bay (Sep 29th-Oct 1st) and with a great con must come great variants.

This is what you will be able to find there (and you can already pre-order at their online store):

Marvel Legacy #1 Ed McGuinness Variant (which also comes in a virgin version!)

Star Wars Adventures #1 Tim Levins VariantIf you are anything like me, you’re probably wondering about those beautiful DC first app covers they seem to have specialized in. The answer? Fear not, variant warrior, those will be back in spring in time for the new con season. In the meantime I would strongly suggest you take a look at their online store and admire the quantity and quality of variant covers they’ve put out this season … Just this year we’ve had Jonboy on Harley, Artgerm on Wolverine, Jim Lee on Batman, some beautiful foil covers, Jusko, Mattina and acetates put to good use. Here’s to another year full of variant madness from Fan Expo!

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