Metropoli Comic Con (Gijon, Spain) Celebrates Spider-Man

Metropoli Comic Con took place last weekend in Gijon (Spain). As most of this type of events, the organizers of this con have been creating their own exclusives for the last three years. This year the con was a celebration of Spider-Man so they put out 4 interconnecting covers by a who’s who of Spider-Man artists:

Keith Pollard, Mike Zeck, Tom Lyle and Mike Deodato

The covers above (and below) are in Spanish language and limited to 500 numbered copies each, making them extremely rare. Want to know what other covers they put out in the previous years?

Last year had two covers on a Marvel Fanfare #47 exclusive edition:

Michael Golden & Geoff Isherwood

Salva Espin

Two years ago, the focus was on Ant-Man:

Bob Layton

Ramon Rosanas

Good luck if you want to find these out there, it won’t be easy!!!

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