Morbius The Living Vampire #3 – 1:50 Coker Variant – April 2013

Welcome back to Covers from the Unknown!

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s been a while, but I have a beauty for you today! Thanks for checking back to Covers from the Unknown for another episode! This week I look at the news about a Morbius movie in the works! You know my take on things, that once movie news breaks, people will start swarming and scooping up 1st appearances, and amazing covers! This comic fits the bill as an amazing cover! This is Morbius the Living Vampire #3, from the 2013 series, a 1:50 Tomm Coker variant! This isn’t your usual take on a vampire, with just enough coloring and blood to make it look amazing! Other than a great McGuinness variant for #1, I believe this is the one to have.

This is where it gets good fellas. This is a ghost. Why you ask? Well, looking at the print run, #3 had a print run of about 15k-17k. That means you are looking at a max of about 340 of these out there. But what comic store, in their right mind, bought 50 copies of Morbius #3? So, I ask, how many of these are really out there? 100? 200? If you find this, you need to grab it. If this movie comes to fruition, and it is any good, this comic could explode. Hell, this could explode now. Get out there and find it. There has only been 1 completed sale, two months ago for about $25. Good luck finding anymore.

Happy Hunting fellas!

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