Mortal Kombat, Magic the Gathering, Osborn and More!

Welcome back speculators and collectors!  Here’s another quick list!





First appearance: Mask of the Phantasm Deluxe/regular direct comic.

So Andrea Beaumont is hot. Overnight the Phantasm has created quite a stir thanks to Tom King.  The only problem, the wrong book is hot.

Batman & Robin Annual 1 is NOT the first appearance of Phantasm.  It is a sequel to the movie and also not an continuity appearance.  In fact, and I’m interested to hear arguments on this, in my opinion Batman Beyond Universe 13 is the first in continuity appearance.  This is because The Batman Superman Annual 4 from 2011 put Terry in the mainstream DCU continuity which places subsequent Batman Beyond stories in that continuity.

But, if you want the first this is it.

With a December 1993 release date this deluxe format and its direct ed counterpart predate all others except for the Batman Superman Magazine 3 which is not a comic.  It has comics in it but no Phantasm comic although it does have a poster and she is on the cover.


NOTE:  The Digest was released later with the VHS clamshell and is NOT  a first.

There was this too.  The die cast figures were included in this Mask of the Phantasm pack.  So far i have found a Joker and a Robin.  There are versions with and without stickers and they are quite rare.

And some rare foreign editions…

This reprinting of BA 12 also reprints the Mask of the Phantasm one-shot!

There are also direct and newsstand versions of this



Bruce Lee 1 , 5 ( 1994 Newsstands )

Looking for the earliest comic appearance of Mortal Kombat?  Well we all know the Midway arcade send away from 1992 issue is a ghost ( and also the first appearance of Kung Lao! ). But there are others to consider.  When Malibu began publishing the comics they actually published 2 original prequel style tales in Bruce Lee!  Look for the newsstands.  These are undervalued.



Super NES Mortal Kombat Game Manual

Panels from the original, mail away comic were used in the manuals and this manual is the first one released in October of 1993 putting it out prior to the Malibu comics.


Osborn 1

With all these rumors about Norman becoming Phase 4’s MCU ground level threat there are a ton of books that will get hot but his first solo title didn’t happen until 2011.  There is a 1:15 variant but Ben Oliver is the Sh*t and his is the better cover.

Don’t sleep on the first appearance of Oscorp either

Followers of Orborn wear tattoos to note their allegiance.  I could see this idea being used again.

Amazing Spider-Man 647

First appearance of the tattoo

Skull the Slayer 4

First appearance of Morgan Le Fey

Morgan had not appeared since the Golden Age.  Even though she is connected to both Captain Britain and the Black Knight who both have MCU rumors attached, it was the recent announcement of her upcoming appearance on Runaways that has given her  speculative interest this week.  Her appearance here is as a robot but it is her first in the post Golden Age era and remember, if Thanos’s first appearance qualifies then this does too! In her Spider-Woman appearances she is an apparition.  Who knows how she will appear on the show but it is going to be fun to watch considering who is playing the character.


Young Justice Sins of Youth 1

First appearance of Courtney Whitmore as Starwoman

Considering the fact that this event was the reason why Starman gave Courtney the Cosmic Rod in Starman 80.  And because it lead to her becoming Stargirl,  it really is a Stargirl key. Is is also the first appearance of Courtney as someone other than the Star Spangled Kid if you don’t count Supermen of America 5, which you should!

( She was not named in



JSA 68 , 72

First appearance of Starwoman (cameo ) and first full.

This one features the first appearance of Courney’s sister as Starwoman.  The family dynamic is going to be a focal point of the show. Are we going to see Starwoman?  Who knows, hence the reason to speculate.

The Ross covers don’t hurt either.

NOTE:  Thanks to CBSI writer jason Shaw who pointed out that JSA 26 is the first appearance of Patricia Dugan ( in a photo ).  here prior appearances to her as Starwoman 2? were as a child.


Valiant Free-View

First appearance and cover for Magic the Gathering

The Russo brothers are bring Magic the Gathering to Netflix.  There is no way of knowing what they will adapt but this is the first comic and first comic cover.  Bagged editions are rare for some reason!

Magic the Gathering, Javelin, The Black Knight, Kid Loki and More!



DC Comics Presents 39

This issue may not be a first but it is a Bronze Tiger key because in it we learn that Professor Ojo brainwashed the Tiger thus leading to his villainous turn.  I suspect something similar might happen in the movie though I don’t know about Ojo appearing.  I can hope that Benico is playing Ojo.

Oh and for Bronze Tiger fans, the character ( not as Bronze Tiger )  first appeared here,


Richard Dragon Kung-Fu Fighter 16

First appearance of Professor Ojo

Just in case…



War of the Gods 4 , 4b

First DC Zombies

I cannot find any earlier appearances of DC Zombies.  Considering DCeased is now out I feel like the first DC zombies/undead is an appropriate pic.

It certainly is possible the DC heroes appeared as zombies earlier.  If you know of any appearances that predate please let me know in the comments!



Legion of Super-heroes 44

I have included this one because it contains more undead characters.




The Regular Show 9

First pro work for Ian Bertram

If you aren’t reading Little Bird you are missing out.  The rare combination of excellent art and storytelling is on full display.  This book is Mr Bertram’s first pro work.




And my cover pick for this week….

Asia Ladowska is fast becoming a favorite of mine.  I’m not a huge fan of the art style of Artgerm and others like Asia but for some reason her first comic cover ( I think it is! )  blows me away and I cannot wait for her virgin Vampirella from Sanctum Sanctorum.

Click on Topher!


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