Mr. Nobody, House of M, Grendel, ALF, Klyntar and More!

Welcome back to True Firsts!  I have prepared a bunch of pics this week because it’s gonna be a while before I get to another edition.  Have no fear though, I will be doing a con recon next week and I am preparing a Super Pets special with some CBSI contributors which will be sure to cost interested parties a lot of money.

What If 23,24,25

What If books rarely do well but these three each contain important back stories concerning the Celestials, Eternals and Uni-Mind.  If you are excited about the Eternals film but find the narrative a bit convoluted here is where you should actually start.

Keyser Soze FCBD

First appearance of Keyser Soze

A while back I mentioned this because of Soze but it also includes a prequel to the Rift, a Red 5 property in film development with Jeremy Renner attached.

Ghost Dark Horse Action Figure

Well if you are a Hughes fan you may not know about this figure from Dark horse which included a rare AH! comic.  There are three versions of this figure, this one, a glow in the dark and a metallic.  For now all can be found for a reasonable price.

Supernatural Thrillers 3

First appearance of Beowulf and the Dragon/Wyrm at Marvel

This one is not a book I am suggesting you run out and get but it is an awesome read.  The reason I mention it has to do with Donny Cates’s current run on Venom.  Now I believe that Knull’s reference to Grendel wasn’t mean to get us all digging for Grendel’s first appearance ( which does not exist ) but rather an explanation of myth through Marvel characters.  The villagers in Venom 4 mistake Knull for a monster they call Grendel and Thor has no idea who Beowulf is.  Thor defeats Knull with his bolt thus inadvertently ontributing to the creation of Klyntar which is awesome but still has little to do with the famed legend.  Knull does mention the need to find his “missing parts ” but it seems clear that he is looking to re-bond with his lost children on Earth, possibly Venom and his offspring too.  He’s not actually looking for his arm!  But if we are to speculate on Grendel this would be the book to snag.  It is Beowulf’s first appearance ( at Marvel ) and the first appearance of the Dragon/Wyrm from the Anglo-Saxon legend.  Knull’s avatar on Earth is a dragon after all.  I still think the Grendel connection isn’t really what some think it is but these days we have to hunt down the first appearance of red chains and guys named Vox so who knows and thank you Donny Cates for driving me nuts!

Grendel never makes a comic appearance but there is an odd little appearance by his brother in Thunderbolts 169/170.  Oddly enough this book also features a twisted Merlin who bears a symbol similar to Knull’s and a dragon imprisoned with Grendel’s brother!

 Beowulf makes his first 616 appearance here but it is unrelated.

 Other key issues; Tower of Shadows 6, Jumbo Comics 50 ( First appearance of Beowulf ) and the story from Supernatural Thrillers 3 was reprinted in Kull and the Barbarians 1



Aliens Deadliest of the Species 1 ( Platinum, signed with certification or newsstand only )

First appearance of a female Predator

Shane black’s new film is still rumored to have female Predators running around.  They first appeared here.

NOTE: There is an ashcan with multiple variants which was released at the same time with the rarest probably being the Chicago Con edition.

Dylan Dog L’alba Del Morti Viventi

First appearance of Dylan Dog

This acclaimed Italian series is getting a live action TV show.  This one is not easy to find.

Spider-Man Family 1,1b ( 2007 )

First appearance of Klyntar

Here is another book worth repeating.  Not only is it the first appearance ( cameo ) of Klyntar but the entire story is an interesting read into the origins of Venom.  It is also an adventure that Venom takes while Peter sleeps, something to be explored by Marvel in the near future!


First appearance of ALF

It appears ALF may be returning to TV.  Some may have fond memories of ALF but the show was terrible.  Don’t believe me, go back and watch.  But a return, if done right, could be interesting.  He made a sneaky appearance in GOTG 1 via Boulliabaseball card in the Milano so anything is possible.

Doom Patrol Volume 2, issue 26

First appearance of Mr. Nobody in full

Mr. Nobody is rumored to be the primary antagonist for DC’s streaming series.  The characters, created by Grant Morrison, is a man trapped between dimensions and has an interesting origin.

Mr. Nobody first appeared in Doom Patrol volume 2, issue 26.  He escaped his containment in issue 22 and made cameo appearances in issues 23,24 and 25 before appearing in full in issue 26 which is also his origin.  Morrison retconned the character all the way back to issue 86 from the 60’s where the operator of the robot Rog was rescued by the Brotherhood of Evil but he was never seen again.


Star Wars 68 ( direct, newsstand, Mark Jeweler, Canadian and Hasbro editions )

First appearance of Mandelore

Jon Favreau’s Star Wars TV series is rumored to be about the Mandelorians post Palpatine Death.  This comic is the first and origin.

Excalibur 1114, House of M 1 1:20 and Pulse House of M Special

These days you have to think way ahead.  That doesn’t mean go out and buy every event from the past and pray but now that Disney has acquired FOX we should be looking at the best Marvel X-Men events and House of M is at the top of my list.  The prequel series from Excalibur is a must own along with the variant for issue 1, not the Joe Mad.  That book has a huge print run.  I also like the Pulse newspaper thanks to the cover where Danvers is called Captain Marvel for the first time?!



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