Multiple Man, Hypertime, Sean Murphy & More!

The Uncanny X-Men 125

First Multiple Man X-Men cover

With news that the Multiple Man film is going to be rated R, I have a renewed interest in the idea.  People will remember an unmemorable appearance by the Multiple Man in X-Men: The Last Stand but this time I around I expect a movie on par with Deadpool considering recent comments from James Franco.  High-grade copies of Giant-Size Fantastic Four 4 has already disappeared from the web but he didn’t make his first X-Men cover appearance until this U book.

There are a few versions of this, all of which are pretty cool.  There is also a Mark Jeweler variant.  My personal favorite is the 12p cover price variant.

Spawn 59 ( Newsstand only )

First Cyan cover

The only one I can recommend here is the newsstand because it’s rare.  There’s a lot of heat around Cyan and what she will become next month.  Her first is Spawn 3 and a newsstand or price variant is always recommended.  Early direct Spawn issues were heavily printed and most should be avoided. Cyan’s first cover is currently undervalued and kind of disturbing.  Child bondage anyone?

She has already been a hero in an alternate reality where she took up the Zealot title.  There’s a newsstand for this one too.

And finally, she has an undervalued,  exclusive action figure from 2000.

Wonder Woman 170

First appearance of Trevor Barnes

This is a bit of a deep spec.  Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins recently made comments alluding to romance for Diana in the sequel.  With Steve dead and Superman a no that leaves only a few players.  Trevor Barnes is as good a guess as any.

Justice League 33 ( cover B ) & The Kingdom 2 ( first appearance of Hypertime )

So I just got around to reading this and the more I think about it the more I realize that this book is pretty important. Someone at CBSI mentioned cover B a few weeks back and while it is an awesome cover, the contents are just as good ( minus Cyborg’s cliched dialogue on leadership ). In this issue Hypertime returns. Does that help to explain why the Tim Drake as Batman has been featured in Detective Comics? It can’t be a coincidence that our glimpse of the Hypertime line in this issue features Geoff Johns’s Teen Titans of Tomorrow, creating some connective tissue between the OZ Effect and Metal. Hypertime first appeared in Kingdom 2 and is yet another Grant Morrison creation current writers are now mining for stories. This book is also a major developmental progression for Cyborg who can now hack the Multiverse.

Clint 5-9

With that Netflix deal for Millar I really think all of these are undervalued.  Yes, they are reprints but they offer so many other Millarworld treats.  They are oversized which makes finding high-grade copies that much harder.

Now The Pro announcement happened a while ago and right now no one cares which makes that the perfect time to buy cheap copies of the pro.  The Pro was also serialized in these issues.

Cheryl Blossom Special 3

First Sean Murphy pro work

Batman White Knight is getting some real love from fans and critics, as it should.  Murphy is a legit comic talent and he’s been around for a while.  I think now is the time to grab a few of his firsts while they are still criminally cheap.

Black Tide 2 ( Cover B )

Sean Murphy first pro cover

Black Tide 4b

Sean Murphy first solo cover

Batman Year One Scarecrow

Sean Murphy first work on Batman

Now I know he did some other bat universe stuff in secret files books and on Batgirl but his first on Batman is the one I want.

Detective Comics 27 ( Fabok 1:100 )

Twenty-Seven is truly one of the best Batman stories ever written which makes sense because it’s by Scott Snyder!  This tale explains how Batman can continue to fight crime indefinitely and it’s pure genius. Murphy’s art is exceptional on this one.

Other versions worth a look:  combo pack,  any newsstand, German Euro

X-Factor 25 Survey Variant

The demand for Multiple Man rarities should only continue to grow as we get closer to a film.  Trust me when I tell you there are only a few books worth looking at.  This rare survey variant is one of those books.

NOTE:  These issues from 2004-2007 contain a survey which is glued into the book.

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