Naomi, Spawn, Agents of Atlas and More!

Well last week was fun.  All I have to say is that Naomi sure brings out the crazies.  Once again it seems I need to repeat something I have said ad nauseam.  When I post a preview I specifically mention why and leave it up to YOU to decide it it is something you want to buy.  I don’t buy 50 of em off Ebay first.  Yes this is a speculator web source but I write for speculators AND collectors. Enjoy the content, it’s free!

Thankfully such things are inconsequential I can focus on what’s important like finding legit CBD toothpaste and psyching myself up for Avengers!  On to the pics, enjoy!




Green Lantern 52 ( 2005 )

First full appearance of Entity and the first White Lantern ( Sinestro )

Blackest Night 7 is warming up and it is a first appearance.  But don’t sleep on this book which predates BM 8, is the first White Lantern Cover, first full Entity, first full White Lantern and gives the history of the DCU as written by the man in charge at DC.



Flashpoint Green Lantern: Abin Sur 1, 1b ( 2nd printing )

First appearance of Flashpoint Entity

So I am not sold on the Naomi White Lantern connection but there is another White Lantern and surprisingly this one originated as a humanoid baby.  One never knows…



JLA/Avengers 4

Seeing Cap holding the hammer and the shield got me wondering if such a scene had ever appeared in a comic.  I am still looking but this bad ass cover should hold ya over.




What if? 9

First appearance of Agents of Atlas

The Agents of Atlas are back.  I have always enjoyed this team.  Here is their first from legendary writer Roy Thomas.  It is one of the few What if? books that is canon.




Last Blood FCBD 2007

The good news-Marry Me was optioned.  The bad-it is staring JLO.  Ugh.  Even so money is money right?

This one predates everything and has a back cover ad for Marry Me well before the ashcan, issue 1 and Trade.  I think the flip-book preview, first print tpb and 1:3 sketch cover variant are thee books.  Keenspot printed Volume 1 on newsprint and has stated that the ink runs.  It is really the first appearance as it collected the web comics in 2008.

2016 1:3 Variant



The trade from 2008 collects the webcomic.




Avengers Bluray Cosmic Cube Box Set

These are starting to really soar in value.  Sometimes stuff like this can be found at resale stores, gamestop and others.  If you find one now is the time to sell!






Entertainment this Month 31

Same month as Malibu Sun 13, just sayin’.


At my core I am a dollar bin junkie.  I love getting lost in the long boxes, bigger the room the better.  Most of the time you aren’t going to find the sexy variants and other expensive gems in such places but it happens.  These types of sales or LCS sections are a great place to look for covers that go unnoticed. Now if you want the real expert on covers head over to Cover Tunes but every one and a while I like to mention a few underrated covers that I am either searching for or have recently found on the cheap.  They are usually unrelated to first appearances but may contain some.








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