New Surprise Kirkman Comic!?!?!

Huge thanks to Jack Demayo and his #CBSIBOLO  on IG.

Breaking news coming from our friends in the UK (Forbidden Planet and The Big Bang).

Stores are putting word out that Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment are dropping a Netflix Esque (or Beyonce if that’s your pop culture reference of choice) series out of nowhere.


Not much is known at this time about how dealers will be handling the orders through diamond, but those wanting to secure copies for the 7/11/18 release date are encouraged to do so now.


The series, titled Die! Die! Die! Features an extremely bloody cover, dark humor, and a Hillary Clinton Presidency. This book sounds like a wild ride and as is the case with most stunts or gimmicks, the most successful attempt is usually the first.


Be on the lookout! This one may just be a heater. The unknown is what’s exciting.


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