No. 1 With a Bullet Advance Review

If you read my Previews Reviews article a couple of weeks ago, you might remember I had No. 1 With a Bullet as a maybe … Shortly after, Jacob Semahn (writer of NOWAB) got in touch with us to send us a preview of the first few issues of the series and I’m glad to say that the series is now on my must-read list. Here’s what Alexander Lee (from our TV & Movie Live from Mojoworld) thought about it, though …Iñigo out!

No. 1 With a Bullet is Philip K Dick dialed up and coked up. Part exposé, part insight, Jacob Semahn and Jorge Corona’s illuminating diatribe thrusts technology and social media squarely in the spotlight.

The unshuttable Pandora’s Box that is the Internet takes centre stage, as NOWAB offers us a chilling augury of life under the lens.

The book also carefully examines victimisation, vulnerability and misogynism. As with most things in life, it deals with power — that of those who control the medium, and the powerlessness of the victim. The imbalance is starkly intensified and accentuated by the Web. Inevitably, issues of victim-shaming and sexism come to the fore. The challenge feels real and relatable, and we are given a likeable protaganist who struggles with difficult odds.

The delicate nature of privacy is shown to fall prey to the ravages of consumerism and voyeurism, all set against the backdrop of the age of instant gratification and instant celebrity.

While the exposition is not the easiest to follow, the dots quickly connect, and we are soon left in a disturbingly familiar, discordant environment. Semahn’s script is clever, hip and humorous, infused with hipster / techie nomenclature, and an excellent match for Corona’s clean linework.

Images bounce off the page, aptly reflecting the sense of “digital-ness”. The artwork is both pleasing on the eye and jarring, which makes for a unique reading experience and a fitting canvas. Artist and colorist work together seamlessly, as they paint images of a striking, dissonant near-future.

No. 1 With a Bullet is an unyielding critique of life in the new media, and a visceral portent of things to come.

NO. 1 WITH A BULLET #1 will hit stores on Wednesday, November 1st. FOC for issue 1 is 10/9,
so be sure to pre-order. Here’s a 5-page preview in case you want to know more.

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