1 Here’s Negan #NN

WRITER: Robert Kirkman
ARTIST: Charlie Adlard
Ouch!! This one hurts.  Back in 2017, there were many 9.8 sales in the $500 range.  Today, expect to pay around $175 with a low of $120.  Raw copies were around $350 back then as well, now, less than $100.

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2 Suicide Squad #1

WRITER: John Ostrander
ARTIST: Luke McDonnell
Remember a couple years ago when 9.8’s sold for $400-500?  Yeah, me neither. If you wanted one then, now is the time to buy as you should be able to find one for just slightly above $100.

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3 Venom Inc. Omega #1 Gabriele Dell’Otto 1:50 Variant

WRITER: Mike Costa and Dan Slott
ARTIST: Ryan Stegman and Gerardo Sandoval
This is still a gorgeous cover, but it has definitely fallen on hard times re-selling wise.  Last year 9.8’s were very smoothly selling in the $175-200 range and now those same books in grade are less than $100.

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4 Darth Vader #3 Salvador Larroca 1:25 Variant

WRITER: Kieron Gillen
ARTIST: Salvador Larroca
Back in the summer of 2017, 9.8’s topped out around $300.  It has seen a steady decline since then and now will only command $175-190.

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5 Avenging Spider-Man #9

WRITER: Kelly Sue DeConnick
ARTIST: Terry & Rachel Dodson
Massive hype for this film that releases this week!  Despite that fact, the dozens and dozens of $600+ 9.8 sales last September and October are long gone.  Now you can pick up a 9.8 copy for less than $400.

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6 We Can Never Go Home #1

WRITER: Matthew Rosenberg
ARTIST: Josh Hood
Oh Black Mask…how did you screw this one up so badly.  Loved the story, but Black Mask butchered the early success.  9.8’s used to be $200+ and you can now get one for around $50-60 and raw for around $20.

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7 Spider-Man #76

WRITER: Howard Mackie
ARTIST: John Romita, Jr.
The 1st appearance of Crown was on fire back around Halloween because of the Morbius movie and this one popped up to $20-30.  It has since crashed back to $10 or less.  (Remember that villain spec is a dicey prospect at best!)

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8 Doctor Strange (Vol. 3) #44

WRITER: Roy Thomas
ARTIST: Geof Isherwood
Donny Cates was waving his magical wand last year and this 1st appearance of Cyttorak benefited, to the tune of $25-30.  Falling from grace, you can now pick up a copy for less than $10 and in some cases, cover price.

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9 Spider-Man Noir #1 Dennis Calero Variant

WRITER: David Hine
ARTIST: Carmine Di Giandomenico
Spider-Verse buzz propelled this book to $200+ back in the fall for 9.8 copies.  Now that the movie has been released, you should only expect to pay less than $100.

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10 All-New Wolverine #1 LCSD Variant

WRITER: Tom Taylor
ARTIST: David Lopez
After being a pretty consistent seller in the $300 range for several years in 9.8 grade and $200+ in 9.6 grade, the price has dropped off quite a bit and you can pick it up for $175/100 in those same grades now.

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Wonder Woman (Vol. 2) #184

WRITER: Phil Jimenez
ARTIST: Phil Jimenez
After hovering around $300 for a 9.8 copy last year, this book has lost about a third of its value to less than $200.  Raw copies have dipped below $100.

Amazing Fantasy #15

WRITER: Stan Lee
ARTIST: Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby (cover)
Wait, what?  You are an idiot Ben!  No way this is on the Not 10 list!!!  7.5 = $120k, down from $140k last year; 5.5=$48k, down from $58k last year.  It doesn’t mean that it isn’t still THE Silver Age book to have, it just means that realized sales are down from the astronomical highs that had been set over the past couple years.

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