November 11


Hello Comic people!


We had a little bit of news in the comic world last week.

Netflix is creating The Unsound from Boom Studios, and they are already working on Season 2 for Sandman!


Madam Star Wars?



Star Wars 3-Pack 1977 Reprints

Reprints, yes, but even the reprint to #1 was valued at over $50 in NM Condition. Plus, who kept these in their original polybag that hung on store racks 40+ years ago? Undervalued at current market rate? I’ll put a check next to that box. Now, to find the box!


Star Wars #107 Newsstand.

Final issue to the original series. Have I ever mentioned I love these final series issues? : )


Star Wars #1, 1977, first printing.

Really thought it would be easier to grab a stack of these ungraded. Not so much. It’s not even easy to find the reprints that don’t hurt your eyes to look at from so many spine ticks. It hurts like staring straight into the sun!

Isn’t is funny how something that was treated like trash most of its life can become valuable when collectors looks for it but can’t find it in nice condition?


A couple other notes for this book…

As much as I want to believe Chewbacca is pictured somewhere in this book, he is not : (

Solo is only on the cover.


What do we have here? Madam Web? 3 years before Amazing Spiderman #210? Ok, maybe a different character, but nonetheless, In-ter-es-ting!



Show me the Force!



Well, a different kind of force! But first…


Showcase 95 #8, 1995

First Mongal. She’s appearing in Suicide Squad 2, so the rumor’s been going.


A-Force #1, Adam Hughes Hip Hop Variant.

Feels like this book could get more love. (6) Hughes characters on one cover? Sweet!


Grail City!



Dime Mystery Magazine #4, 1944

Somewhat of a grail, in terms of a difficult chase down.

Reminiscent of Chamber of Chills #19 1953 cover, which makes you wonder if it may have drawn some inspiration from this cover.

So many of these 1930’s and 40’s Pulps have incredible Bondage and Skull covers. Why are they ignored for the most part? Especially when you consider the value Pre-code Horror books from the early 50’s are fetching.


Tales from where??



Tales from the Fringe! Been after this set for a while. You just don’t see them all that often.

Listed as 1:10’s, so, based on first printing numbers, we’ll assume there’s roughly 500 made.


Borg Knights that Chew Bat for breakfast!



Star Trek Alien Spotlight Borg #1, 2008 RI’s

More tough to track down variants. I heard the Borg will be part of the new Picard series. One of the most exciting things to look forward to this January is the new Picard series!


Black Knight #2, 1015 1:25

Still grabbing copies of anything Black Knight.


Chew on this!

Chew #1, 2009, sketch variant.

The number one first printing issue has fallen a bit, but so far it’s standing the test of time. It, Saga, Invincible, Walking Dead are still top 4 most valuable Image #1’s?


Batgirl #23-b, 2018

Just a classic portrait most everyone appreciates.

Do you often find yourself daydreaming, calculating prices to profits in your head? Say, if you would have pre-ordered 500 copies of these? Or New Mutants 98? Or Batman Adventures 12? Or Amazing Spiderman 300? Me neither ; )


Have a great week everyone!


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