November ’17

I started pre-ordering comics back in 1993 as I was a teenager in the Basque Country (north of Spain) and it was pretty much the only way to be able to follow a series back then. I stopped pre-ordering as soon as I moved to countries where there were proper US comic shops (UK, Ireland or France these days). However, sometime last year, I developed a website to pre-order from Previews for my LCS and it got me hooked on pre-ordering again, mostly due to some indies that I kept missing and had to order from the US, which was fine until the shipping costs went insane.

So I thought I would give you some insight into what my process is when facing a Previews catalog, if only because the section already exists …

Let me start by saying that I don’t order ratio variants and will get them only if I come across them at any of the shops at a reasonable price. Also, I kinda hate that there are so many missing covers when it comes the time to pay for the comics, but there’s not much we can do about that, I guess.


Batman #34 Reg Cover (shown above)  & #35 Coipel Variant

I thought about dumping this right after the Flash crossover, but then went back for the Swamp Thing, then the proposal and then Jöelle Jones as artist with Coipel covers??? It’s a fun Batman series but I am not sure if that’s enough for me at the moment. Still, I keep going back …

Batman Annual #2

I used to find Lee Weeks a bit boring, but either his latest work is getting better or I am learning to appreciate it more? No idea! I would get this in any case because I follow the series, but it looks really good.

Batman: White Knight #2

Murphy on Batman is such a good match that they it could be just pin-ups and I would still get it. The preview that came out a few days ago suggests there might be a good story behind it too.

Dark Nights: Metal #4

As I mentioned on the Wednesday One, I am all in with Metal and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Please do not suck!!!

Doomsday Clock #1 Lenticular Variant

Now this one it’s a win/win for me … There’s a tiny chance this will be any good, but if it’s not then I hope it’s absolutely terrible. I will enjoy it (in different ways) in both cases.

Hawkman Found Jim Lee Variant

Just getting this because it’s part of Metal, couldn’t care less about Hawkman, but hope it’s part of the bigger story at least.

Justice League of America Annual #1

Started reading JLA when it came out, dropped by the end of the first arc, but this is Kelley Jones on Lobo, so it will be worth a look!

Mister Miracle #4

I am getting the Derington covers for this series because they are pretty iconic portraits of the New Gods and I love Derington. Funnily enough, I am getting the non-Derington variants for Doom Patrol. What’s wrong with me?

Supersons #10

This series still hasn’t wowed me, but it’s a fun read. I jumped off Superman when this started as it feels like the first few issues of Superman that I liked so much.

Supersons Annual #1

Again, seems like a lot of fun, super-dog fight is just what the doctor ordered. Did you know Lex Luthor had a superdog called Destructo? How awesome is that?

Teen Titans Go TPB vol. 4

This is for my older kid, who absolutely adores the TV show. No, really, I do have kids. I swear.

Gotham City Garage #3 & #4

One of those titles that you regret ordering right after you do. Chances are going to be it will be another Injustice or Bombshells, but the variant for #1 was nice and #3 has a Grampa cover? I’m there!

Other DC comics I ordered but had no covers at the time of writing this piece:



While I agree on most of the things Skot mentioned on his article about Marvel, I think they’re very slowly going back to trying to put good comics out there. I’ve got some sympathy for them because I can’t imagine they’re in a very flexible situation being part of Disney. In any case, this is the most comics I’ve bought from Marvel in months!!!

Doctor Strange #381

You are probably going to get sick of me mentioning Donny Cates in this article, consider yourself warned. I am really looking forward to this …

Thanos #13

… and also this. Thanos finally winning and Loki taking over Doctor Strange’s mantle sounds like fun story ideas and Cates should shine on these.

Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #6 & #297

This still hasn’t me convinced but Zdarsky rarely disappoints so I am giving this a chance until the end of the first arc.

Moon Knight #188 & #189

Never been a huge fan of Burrows but I liked Max Bemis’ Oh Killstrike!, love Moon Knight and they are promising to introduce a big nemesis.

Spider-Man / Deadpool #23 & #24

After Kelly and McGuinness finished their story, there wasn’t much of a reason to stay with this, until now. Bachalo working on both Deadpool and Spider-Man sounds like something I could really like. Let’s see how many issues he’s in for!


Babyteeth #6

Blah Blah Blah Donny Cates blah blah blah

Cinema Purgatorio #13

Not for everyone, but I have been enjoying all the stories so far. Alan Moore’s in particular, of course. He seems to be having a lot of fun experimenting.

Eleanor and the Egret #5

Sam Kieth is an amazing artist and I am so glad he’s still working on weird comics! A fun script by John Layman too.

Fighting American #2

Duke Mighten illustrating a Kirby super-hero is an awesome idea. That’s how simple it is selling me on some stuff.

Giant Days #32 & 2017 Special

One of my favorite series right now. Effortlessly funny and with amazing characters, this is highly recommended.

Moonstruck #5

I’ve only read the first issue so far, but I seem to remember it was fun. Art’s great. Will need to sit down the first couple of issues again.

Redneck #7

Really enjoying this series by an unknown Mr … Conny Dates?

Sherlock Frankenstein & Legion of Evil #2

I enjoyed the first couple of issues of Black Hammer but then forgot about it, except for the issues drawn by Galician master of disaster David Rubín!

Savage Sword of Jesus Christ TPB

Heavy Metal is putting out a lot of TPBs this month, so I guess they are in financial problems. If you are a Grant Morrison fan, take a look at their section and don’t miss this …

The Smile of the Absent Cat TPB

… or this. There are also a couple of Best of Heavy Metal anthology TPBs, which I was thinking about until I realized the magazine itself is an anthology so how does that work exactly?

Interceptor TPB

Last Donny Cates comic here this month, I swear. Hey, I am not even ordering all the comics he’s writing!

Wonderful World of Tank Girl #2

Brett Parson can do no wrong, he’s quickly become one of my favorite artists right now. Much as I am liking Tank Girl, I would love to see him draw some other stuff too, but let’s let him finish this new mini at least.

Missing a cover for Kid Lobotomy #2, but Milligan could knock it out of the park and should have pretty art by Tess Fowler.


Harley & Ivy Meet Betty & Veronica #2 The Shadow / Batman #2 Trakhanov Variant
Wonder Woman / Conan #3

This is where I indulge my inner collector. He also happens to be picky and has his own criteria that some crossovers meet while others don’t. The rational me might agree with the Shadow / Batman being worth reading, and possibly that even Harley & Ivy meet Betty & Veronica might be worth a chuckle, but no amount of Conan nipple can convince me I am going to like this. As always, hoping for the best …


Still have a couple of weeks left to add to the order, I am currently thinking about the following:

No. 1 With a Bullet #1

Don’t know anything about the creators, but love everything about the cover. In the days before the Internet, we used to order things just like that. 20 years later and with way too many comics, do I have the time and space for this?

Aquaman Annual #1

I care about Aquaman even less than I care about Hawkman, but this will have art by Max Fiumara, and he’s an absolutely incredible artist.

Pogo Syndicated Strips Vols. 3 and 4 Slipcase

Got the first two a while ago and they’re some beautiful books. This will probably end up being ordered.

… and that’s all I’ve got!!! Have I forgotten something I shouldn’t have? Let me know below!

Thinking this could be a rotating column with a different person taking us through their monthly picks, would that be interesting? I bet it would! Let’s see!!!

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