November 2019


Greetings and jamutations, Tin Hatters! The Tin Hat is back with all the earnest of a returning student. While everyone’s itching for the Labor Day weekend, the Tin Hat is already on Thanksgiving Week. Is it 2020 yet? Marvel sure likes to keep reminding you every month. Meanwhile, Joe Hill’s DC horror line is continuing to grow. What’s Spawn up to these days? And are the Turtles still spec worthy? Join me, Tin Hatters, as we delve into the world of turkey stuffing and cranberries. As always, biggest of turkey shout outs to King’s Cache for providing paper access ahead of time.




Batman: White Knight Presents Von Freeze #1

Sean Murphy and his arms are back for some merry holiday fun. The Murphyverse continues to expand with this installment. This might not heat up on the aftermarket, but if you’re a fan of Mr. Murphy and his arms, get this on your pull.


The Dollhouse Family #1

Not sure how I missed Joe Hill’s debut DC Horror issue in my previous article, but I’m making sure not to miss the sophomore book. Dolls are always freaky, so this book is guaranteed to end up in the freezer. 


Far Sector #1

DC continues to try and build up its Young Animal line with another new hero debut. A new Green Lantern?! Jamal Campbell brings his Naomi hype over this new book. You never know. Pick up a couple just in case.


Green Lantern: Blackstars #1

Grant Morrison continues adding to his Green Lantern repertoire with a new team. Who are the Blackstars? Are they evil or just a new galactic patrol? Will this book kick the Green Lantern-verse up a notch? 


Batman #83

Tom King continues to finish his epic poem that is Batman as his series nears its end. What other surprises does he have in store? What will happen to Damian? All you Tom King fans already have this on your pull, right?


Batman Beyond #38

It’s only a matter of time before this gets renamed Batwoman Beyond. Both of these covers are great. Get a couple of that Francis Manapul variant.


Batman: Last Knight On Earth #3

Although this series is not heating up, everyone loves it. Snyder and Capullo are ready to go out with another bang. 


Birds of Prey #2

Who are Las Esposas de la Muerte? Are they related to Las Esposas Del Chapo? Derrick Chew provides an amazing variant like Chew does. Possibility of these new villainesses making a cameo in #1 and a full appearance in #2?


Detective Comics #1016

Et tu, Nora? Nora Fries is finally out of her ice chamber, then decides quickly defeat her husband and become the new top villain. You can say she’s, ICE COLD. She’s been a villain before. Maybe those back issues will heat up?


Event Leviathan #6

DC’s biggest mystery is finally revealed! And no, it’s not Naomi. Leviathan finally shows their face. Is it male? Female? Rose & Thorn? Or an entirely brand new character? Don’t forget, this is a Bendis character. If it does end up becoming a new character, then it’s time to chase those first appearances. 


Harleen #3

That is a fantastic cover. It can even give the Adam Hughes’ cover a run for its money. Stjepan Šejić’s 3-issue series comes to a close. Send in the clowns!


Joker/Harley Quinn: Criminal Sanity #2

Is that another Joker Jr.? Or is it just The Joker’s dreary childhood? Dr. Quinzel begins to fall in love with the serial killer’s artful murders. Will this help her lead GCPD to the criminal, or will it end up leading her into his arms?


Lois Lane #5

This variant is for all you Mirka fans. The Tin Hat is sure glad that she’s been getting a ton of work this year. Pick one up for the PC.



Ah, there’s that Artgerm variant. Get it. Now!


Supergirl Annual #2

The Supergirl Who Laughs! It seems like she will be another addition to The Batman Who Laughs’ Evil Group of Six (Sinister Six?). With two Kryptonians, a Billy Batson, possibly a Blue Beetle, and potentially 2 more members, how can anyone take this team down? 


Collapser #5

DC’s newest hero is flying under the radar. His first appearance may not be hot, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t seek them out from your LCS’ discount bin. The book gets a fantastic homage cover with a potentially startling story. Just have it on your radar.


Young Justice #10

Naomi is here! Again. Naomi finally teams up with Bendis’ other main book, Young Justice. This is the reason for her creation. Let’s see how they interact. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up becoming the leader.


Hawkman #18

The Sky Tyrant?! The Batman Who Laughs looks like he found his 5th member of his Inner Secret Circle of Six. Another new evil character, grab and flip.


Supergirl #36

First cover appearance of The Supergirl Who Laughs? Depends which book ships out first. Chew provides an amazing variant, but that acetate cover looks like it’ll be the quick-flip winner. 


Teen Titans #36

Who is the Other? Did this just become a Spider-Man crossover? Or will Crush’s mother finally be revealed? Is it Jason Todd?


What a doozy! DC is really trying to get some of that American Holiday money. Can Marvel measure up? Let’s find out!




New Mutants #1 & #2

Marvel wasn’t lying when they said Hickman is laying the foundation for all future X-Titles. He’ll be teaming up with Ed Brisson and Rod Reis as he prepares to lay the foundation for the New Mutants. After the runaway success of his other X books, make sure to have this on your pull.


Absolute Carnage #5

This is it, ladies and gentlemen. Donny’s Summer Madness ends here. What will the future be for Eddie and Dylan?


Scream: Curse of Carnage #1

Who would’ve thought that Scream would get her own ongoing after the Absolute Carnage event? Chapman and Mooneyham team up to hopefully get this new title off to the races. Plus, another Artgerm symbiote drawing.


Venom #20

Will Venom finally best Carnage, or will Knull interfere before he gets a chance. Pre-order that 2099 variant as chances are it’ll be Venom 2099 on the cover. 


Amazing Spider-Man #33 & #34

Miguel O’Hara is back, Tin Hatters! The Tin Hat is excited for his return. Wait a minute. Didn’t he die? Or was that a different timeline? Well, he’s got his old threads at least. Don’t expect these to heat up, but if you’re a Spidey 2099 fan, definitely check them out.


Conan 2099 #1

Conan joins the 2099 Universe. But since it’s technically the future, and Conan is from the past, does this make him over 2,000 years old?! He’s not on the cover of 2099 Alpha #1, so this could be his first appearance (first cover appearance?). 


Captain Marvel #12

Evil Captain Marvel is here. This issue has seen some hype already, mainly because of Yoon’s variant.  There’s a chance it’s a 1:25 variant, so make sure to get those pre-orders in or head out early to your LCS. 


Guardians of the Galaxy #11

So Rocket is not dead…yet? He’s in a giant mecha as the guardians prepare one final assault on the Church of Scientology Truth. Will Rocket have to make the ultimate sacrifice? 


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #50

This is it, Squirrel Girl fans! The final issue before the eventual reboot. Will there be any surprises? Or will the surprise be that there is an issue 51?


Ooof, I sure am DC-heavy this month. Did I do that on purpose? Or am I missing out on a ton of Marvel spec? Join me in November to find out! In the meantime, let’s check out the indies.




Family Tree #1

Never doubt Jeff Lemire. Anything this man writes is guaranteed spec. Short-term, long-term, quick flip, all of the above. Grab a bunch of copies and stash away when it gets optioned. 


Undiscovered Country #1

Snyder and Soule team up to tell a tale of a forgotten nation: the United States of America. After blocking themselves off from the world for over 30 years, some brave explorers seeking a cure for a rare disease attempt to make their way through. What has happened to the global economy? Is the US self-sustaining? And is their enough Popeye’s Chicken Sandwiches left to go around?




Go Go Power Rangers #25

Rangers fans get a taste of new rangers as we learn the origin of the Omega Rangers. Also, that Nirvana homage is bound to be a 1:25 and be hot.




Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #100

Expect this issue to have a giant print run, even with that $8 price tag. Can Jennika maintain her heat? Will she stay a Turtle forever? How many store variants will there be? Buy 1 or 2, but you might also wish to wait for when it ends up in your LCS’ discount bin.




Vengeance of Vampirella #2

Lucio Parillo is the hot new thang right now, especially for Red Sonja and Vampirella covers. This main cover is, well, as Jeff Goldblum would say, “There it is.” Stash a couple away in your long box for when it heats up 2 years down the road.




Un/Sacred #1

Ablaze seems to be getting more and more established creators. They now have gotten their hands on printing Andolfo’s first work. This has potential, and that B&W cover may end up being chased after.


Vampire State Building #3

McFarlane homage covers are always hot. Make sure to have these on your pull list.


Mad Cave Studios


RVP #1

Mad Cave had a hit earlier this year with Knights of the Golden Sun. Could this book be their second lightning bolt? They have definitely gotten on more people’s radars, but nothing has hit as high on the aftermarket as Knights. This has one of those lady covers that will make people’s eyes freeze. Be on the lookout for this assassin book.


Red 5 Comics


Machine Girl #1

Another one to look out for because of the cover. When did November become Good Girl Art Month? Red 5 Comics like to option around as many books as they can; a story about a human girl from Earth living in an exotic world while participating in MMA-style matches sounds like something that could get optioned. 




Screem #38

Are Screem horror magazines flippable? A quick eBay search says maybe. The PX exclusive variant of this issue is one to look out for. Guillermo Del Toro is a near perfect man, and Pan’s Labyrinth gets more and more fans every year. If you have extra $10 lying around and want to give it a shot, you can’t go wrong with a Del Toro bet.


Well, there you have it, Tin Hatters. Another season down the drain! The Tin Hat hopes you can enjoy these thankful times with your loved ones (and Tom Cruise). As always, look up to the skies! Save the turkeys! And farewell, from the world of tomorrow!


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