November 25


Happy Turkey week!


Got some cheap spec to start your week off with.


Gobbling up New Gods!

Need to budget spending this holiday season, while still getting your comic on? Here are some cheap $1 books for your New Gods movie specful-hopefuls!



New Gods #3, 2nd Series, 1989

First appearances of the Council of Five, Madame Nature, Teledar, Gideon, Kradlock, Cyborg-87, and Lota.



Is this the first female Forager?



The first war between Apokolips and Genesis is told.



A clever scheme that backfired…



New Gods #8, 2nd Series, 1989

First appearances of Jovita, Tyrus – One of Apokopils’ greatest assassins, Tracker – A three-headed dog commanded by Tyrus, Suli – An Apokoliptian scientist and sorceress, and mother of Kalibak.


Hawk and Dove #21, 3rd Series, 1991

First Appearances of 4 Female Furies – Bloody Mary, Chessure, Malice Vundabar, and Speed Queen.



Orion #6, 2000

First Mortalla, Darkseid’s wife.


Orion #1, 2000

First appearance of Lady Justeen, a member of Darkseid’s Elite.


Green Lantern V3 #74, 1996

First appearance of Grayven, Darkseid’s son.


Mister Miracle Seven Soldiers #1, 2005

First appearance of Wunda, a member of the Female Furies.


Grail book!



Divergence #0 FCBD, 2015. 1st Grail, Darkseid’s daughter. Not sure if this first appearance is similar to a Gambit-like situation, but it, along with Justice League #40, came out the first week of May.



Ultron’s darker side!



Avengers #54, 1968.

Ultron has been forgotten, spec-wise, for the most part since his big screen debut. There was buzz around him appearing in a video game and possibly the Vision/Scarlet Witch Disney+ show.


Jimmy Olsen #134, 1970, DC Comics, Cover by Neal Adams.

Can’t have a New Gods discussion without Darkseid!

Yes, he only appears on a computer screen, but the main takeaway is that this is the first time he appears anywhere. That fact is a convincing case for this book to currently be a great pickup.


Yo Star-Duck Joke!



Star Wars #42, 1980, Marvel Comics.

Fett seems to always appear towards the top of someone’s want list.


Howard the Duck #1, 1976, Marvel Comics

No premiere date or announced cast yet from Disney for the Howard the Duck Hulu series.


Howard the Duck #33, 1986, Printing Error

Final issue in series!

This is the printing error where the “All-New”, and, “Page Epic!” yellow ink is missing, or extremely faint rather.



Here’s the correct version.



Joker #1, 1975.

First solo issue. Saw quite the increase earlier this year and then again this fall.

The new price may very well hold with the announcement of a Joker 2 movie planned.


Official How to Draw GI Joe #3, 1988, Blackthorne Publishing.

This is the last issue of a 3-issue series.

It’s quite a bit more difficult to track down compared to #1 and #2.


Rogue Star!



Star and Stripe #0, 1999, DC Comics, first comic work by Geoff Johns.

They have dropped down a bit, as low as $20-$30 range.


The Stargirl series is set to debut early next year and just last week announced to be heading to the CW.

The shows premise: “After high school sophomore Courtney Whitmore discovers a powerful cosmic staff and that her step-father used to be a hero sidekick, she becomes the inspiration for a new generation of superheroes.”


Avengers Annual #10, 1980, first appearance of Rogue!

Are you a product of the X-Men from the 1990’s X-Men the Animated Series? If so, you’ll agree. How can you have the X-Men without Rogue?!?


Hope you all enjoy your turkey!!!



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