November 4


Welcome to November! I’ve been so use to reading about all the movies planned for 2020 and 2021, I sometimes forget we’re still in 2019!


In the spirit of Halloween, let’s take a look at the goodies inside a bag of treats!



Batman Damned #1, 2018

A year later and Batwang Damned is still damning. Yes, it’s still doing its damned thing!

The Hardcover reprint from this year may have lowered sales prices for the uncensored original, but it’s still selling fast and often.


Vampirella Magazine #2, 2003, Harris Comics, Michael Beck Virgin Variant Cover.

Great detail on those bats!


Thrilling Adventure Stories #1, 1975, Atlas Comics

The rumor from back in mid-May of Atlas comics bringing properties to the big screen was in my head for this one. That, and magazine-size comic binging!

This book boasts the first appearance of Tigerman and I believe several others.


Captain Britain #1, 1976, Marvel UK.

Selling for over $200 raw with Mask. CGC 9.8’s were hitting $2,000? Sheesh!

9.6’s were a fraction of that. Less than $800 in fact, though they may have jumped, as I see 9.8’s may now be well over $2K. The mask sitting in these books for so many years can leave the book feeling like water damage occurred. Depending on how CGC looks at this, 9.8’s could be tough. I guess so, as I look at CGC census to see only (30) 9.8’s! I would imagine books like this sit hidden away in storage until owners realize what they sell for graded. Or, until we stumble across them! But, then a mass grading begins. Will be fun to track this book over the next year or so to see how many more graded copies show up!


First page, first dialogue from Mr. Britain!



Venomous, Carnage nemesis, Luke fetching the force, Spawn-taneous!  



Venom #1, 2011, 3rd printing

Always liked this cover and the challenge of finding all 4 of the later printings. Lowest listed looks to be in the $70-range, though it has sold for less in recent months.


Carnage #3, 2011, 2nd printing

Really cool 2nd Print Carnages out there with supposedly super small print runs. This one, along with #’s 1 and 2 in this series, and also with #’s 1 and 2 for the Carnage USA 2011-12 series.


Star Wars Vader Down #1, 2016, NYC Exclusive

Not so much an expensive book, or hard to find. Just a really cool cover. Shot out to the first set of figures back in 1977!


Spawn #240, 2014

Still fetching $100 in NM raw. Why? No idea. Cool cover? Low print run? Probably a bit of both.


Spawn #10, 1993, Image Comics.

Newsstand mania continues! Wouldn’t it be really cool to see a Newsstand set of all the Spawn books? Probably an easier quest 5+ years ago. Nevertheless, newsstands continue to increase in public interest. They also continue to disappear, in terms of cover price copies for sale!


McFarlane, who valiantly laughs, boy!



Prophet #1, 2000, McFarlane Cover

Great detail on this cover. Hopefully there are still plans to see him on the big screen. Or a series. How cool would it be to have Crypt show up?!?

Raws look to be up for grabs in the $50-range. A lot cheaper if you get lucky and catch one ending at auction.


Shadowman #10, 1:25 RI, 2013

Broken record time! RI’s for Valiant books are just so limited. About 400 of these made.

Speaking of Valiant, the Bloodshot trailer looked good. I’m trying to imagine it as an intro to the Valiant movie universe, like Iron Man 1 from back in 2008 for Marvel, where it creates some success and paves the way to introduce more characters on screen. Wishful thinking at its finest!


Teen Titans #12, 2017

Batman Who Laughs!

The value is holding for the most part. I see a couple lower than usual sales. Could be attributed to the time of year where we start to see sellers discount books across the board. Holiday sales are nearing!


Boys #1, 2006, DC/Wildstorm

Still can fetch $100 in high grade raw.

Season 2 can’t get here fast enough!


I got your back, paper trader!



Robotech 2 The Sentinels #2 TPB

Don’t know much about this one. Robotech Sentinels books in general can be sparse, and as a result, sell well, so when they show up for sale with limited comps, it may be a good idea to at least consider buying, or adding to that glamourous, glitter-sparkling, glow-tacular hunt list of yours! Which may or may not be plain text in your phone’s notes.


GI Joe Classic #15, IDW TPB

One of the most expensive of the Joe Trade Paperbacks. Collects the final issues of the original GI Joe comic book series, including #155.


Unity #1 and #2 Trade Paperbacks from 1992, Diamond Limited Deluxe Signed Editions.

Didn’t see these anywhere. Apparently they are really rare.


Wind in my Parrillo bladebrush!



Transformers MTMTE (More than meets the eye), #26, 2012 IDW Series, Retailer Incentive.

Love finding these, though it doesn’t happen often enough! First appearance of the fan favorite female Transformer Windblade.

Less than 1,000 of these out there.


Dynamite Variant Parrillo Covers!


Vampirella #18, 2012

Less than 10K printed between 2 covers.


Warlord of Mars #23, 2013

Similar to Vamp18 above, less than 9K printed between 2 covers.

There’s also a virgin cover to this issue.


A Bionicle Alita clone!



Battle Angel Alita #1, 1992, Viz Entertainment

Difficult to find in high grade, and prices for it in high grade reflect it.


Star Wars Clone Wars #1, 2008, Dark Horse

First appearance of Ahsoka has this book high on Star Wars fans’ wish lists. Less than 30K print run. Only (16) 9.8’s on CGC Census.

As with many first printing books from the 2000’s, this one has a newsstand variation.

Don’t forget about the Variant limited to 1,000 copies!


Bionicle #1 Variant from 2003, DC.

Not a common find. Promotional books often aren’t.


Alright, fellow comic-topians. Pausing the story here. Like the grainy picture you see when you hit pause on a VHS tape (What is a VHS tape???) Like pausing a video game to save the progress (Have you ever been madder in your life when it didn’t save?) Pausing, like when you see a super hero fly overhead as you go about your day (Happens way too often these days, am I right?) Ok, I’m really running low on pausing ideas!


Hope you’re enjoying November. And the heater. And a blanket! And a comic!


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