October 21


Good morning comic fans, and happy post Baltimore comic-con!


Bone news blew our minds last week. Netflix is making a Bone cartoon. Exciting and, finally, it’s being adapted!


Alrighty. Let’s get right into some pickups!

Down from up, and on the way!



We know Nova is on the way. So why not stock up on Nova #1, 1976?

Side note: Nice to see Comic Reader #129 getting more love.


Conan the Barbarian #1, 1970 was “savage” when Savage Avengers first hit shelves earlier this year. He’s settled down a bit compared to earlier in the year. May be a great time to go barbarian shopping, if you believe Marvel has more in store for him.


Luke Cage Hero for Hire #1, 1972 has fallen since the great Netflix cancellations. But that doesn’t mean it’s worthless, or that it will stay down. I mean, it’s his first appearance, for powering-up out loud!


Swamp Thing #1, 1972. Sadly, DC fumbled and lost possession at what appears to be the 1 yard line on the Swamp Thing show, with regard to cancelling it after only one season. There was so much momentum on this book until that news hit. But, like all comic-related things, new plans for the Swamp could get this book’s flat tire patched and moving right back into the race for investor and collector comic dollars. Days of Thunder! And, right the swamp-boat, DC!

Mister Miracle #4, 1971. New Gods movie gave this book wings. But Marvel has been overshadowing DC more than usual of late. Barda’s “wings” may have been clipped some these past few months, but she’s a major New Gods player. I’ll put my money where my comics are and add to the Barda stack. Then, it will become a Big Barda stack!


Jokes on you!


Batman Cacophony #3, 2009, Sienkiewicz Variant

Excellent cover. I’ve seen it sell for $40 and then $150. And that was last week! The previous month saw similar sales, but with more in the $100 range.


Venom #3, 2018 SDCC Variant

3,000 of these printed? The first printing for Venom #3 and Batgirl #23 remind me of 2018 more than probably any other books. 2 surprise hits from last summer that still do well today, with raws for the Venom 3 first printing at $40-50 and Batgirl #23 at $60-70.



Here’s a fifth printing to #1. These later printings lost a lot of steam, it appears. How much evaporated? They were selling for over $100 but today they’re selling for less than $40. But, Saga has been announced to get back on track with new books next year. First prints may have fallen off a tad, but it’s a good bet they will pick up, likely early next year.


Yo, Cobra!

I’m mean, Yo Joe! Had trouble tracking this one down. GI Joe #194, 2013. IDW Joe 1:10 covers can be ghost town. I wonder if that’s a real name of a city somewhere? Where the residents are ghost towners! 700 of these out there? Fascinating when you think about how many GI Joe fans there are in the world. Plus or minus 700? More like 7,000,000! How many are collectors? Now that’s an interesting question!



Aquaman Sword of Atlantis #41, 2006, cover by Carlos Pacheco. Provided DC doesn’t cancel the Aquaman 2 movie plans, this should be a safe bet. Not a terribly expensive book or too difficult to find at the moment. A 1:10 and 3,000+ of these out there, with Mera and Aquaman showcased together on the cover.


Punisher #100, 1995 Lobo Variant cover. Cover art by Michael Golden.

Cool cover alert! One that traditionally has sold better than it is today. $40+ range.


Seeing the future??


Thor #337, 1983. Beta Ray Bill= GOTG 3 movie character. Like Nova, it’s in stocking up mode. Can you imagine the rush the first trailer with him in it will bring? I kinda felt the rush just thinking about it now!


What If #10, 1978. Jane Foster as Thor is on its way, but no rush as this point in time, imo. We’ve got 2 years until the movie releases. Another stocker upper!


Batman #189, 1967. First Silver Age Scarecrow. Have you noticed this book increasing in demand? It’s been a stronger than ever seller of late. Maybe he will be in the new Batman film?


Century! I mean, Sentry!

Sentry #1, 2000, SDCC Variant. Still a lot of potential for this guy. First print and the other variant covers too!


Cosmically Cosmical!

Thanos #13, 2017. First Cosmic Ghost Rider. With all the Ghost Rider news flying around, this one may be a safe gamble.


Que the Laugh track!

Teen Titans #12, 2017. 1st Batman Who Laughs. Cover B appears to be much more ghost than cover A.


1990’s we miss you!


Crime Suspenstories #22, 1998 Gemstone. Amazing how this reprint is not available in abundance, and what it can sell for.


Early image newsstands.

Spawn #9, 1993. 1st Angela. High grade copies can command some serious dough.


Wildcats Trilogy #1, 1993. Another tough one to find.

Marvel Collectible Classics Avengers #1, 1998 Chrome Variant signed by George

Perez. Just found out about this one. 1,500 made.


Naomi #1, 2018 Cover A

First printing NM raw copies look to be going for $40-50 currently. Down quite a bit from the peak hype, unless or until she peaks again.



Thanks for checking out a comic addict’s ramblings! See you next week!


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