October 28


Good Halloween week evening!

I’ll skip the small talk and get right into some large talk!


Spawning invisible wonders, and hanging them out to dry!



Spawn #222, 1:25 2012 RI.

Less than 1,000 of these made. The 1:50 is still so elusive as well. This one’s not too far behind though and it’s my belief that the knockoff la mole’s to both issues and all the sketches keep prices from rising and making a large hole in the roof!


Wonder Woman #1, 2016 SDCC Exclusive.

What was once a $150+ book can now be had for slightly less than triple digits.


Drunk Iron man is now invisible!

Iron Man #31, 2010 Vampire Variant. Iron Man #128 homage cover by Salvador Larroca!

At a quick glance, a handful are available in the $15 range. A couple thousand made.


Moon Knight #1, 2014 Scottie Young Variant. It is not easy tracking this little guy down. How many other Scottie Young Variants command descent coin? Middlewest #1 RI and Spawn #250 B&W.

Research needed!


Movin’ on up the hunt list!



These can be sitting in obscure places with not so pricey price tags.


First up, They Called Him Evil #1, 1992. Villain from Earthworm Jim. If you haven’t heard, Earthworm Jim is the word! He’s making a comeback. This one can fetch $50-ish and possibly more depending on how many are available at any given time. Also, while you’re collecting earthworms, take a look at what his 3-issue miniseries from 1995 is doing. $100+ for the set!


Next up, Grafik Muzik #4, 1991, Caliber, cover by Mike Allred!

A final issue in series that appears to sell better than the others in this set.


Gore Shriek #4, 1988, FantaCo

Such a cool cover that’s been commanding $80-range sales. The Ashcan, #6 ½, sells for even more.


Cursed Pirate Girl #1, 2009

Super limited by Jeremy Bastian. Published through Olympian Publishing. Second Printings exist with a stamp on the cover indicating so.


Uncle Scrooge #310, 1998 Dell/Gold Key/Gladstone/Gemstone. Painted cover art by Carl Barks!

This is either not as rare as once thought, or like those Whitman 3-packs, people simply do not realize just how rare they are. A $6.95 cover price back in 1998 could very well have been a deterrent for large orders. Comichron does show 4,110 estimated printed.


Running fast! Down and dirty!



Finally found the Dirty Pair Run from the Future Dark Horse variant cover set of 4 from back in the year 2000. Adam Hughes cover for #1 gets all the love, but the others are just as scarce, if not more w regard to print runs, not to mention a Bruce Timm cover for #3!





Eternals are going to be a thing, if you believe they are the next unknown-to-superstardom characters, ah-la GOTG. I think to myself, what a wonderful world! I also think to myself, how many double covers have gone through our hands without knowing about it because the book was never checked!


Well, here’s the first I’ve ever come across on accident…


Eternals #1 Vol 2, 1985.




Why is this book special?

5 first appearances…






Cybele, Khoryphos and Phastos


Mini Campbells!


Comic Reader #117, 1975.

X-Men Giant #1 from 1975 is a “giant” seller. FOOM #10 from 1975 is following along. What about this book? Not as sexy since the Giant X-Men #1 cover image is on the inside as opposed to on the cover like the FOOM issue, but it’s still a pre-dater!



Over time, we may forget certain things. Or we may just not care anymore. I’ll pretend here that we all simply forgot. Ha! Lots of cool images inside this Adam Hughes Sketchbook. A bunch of Princess Leia. And, oh, this one…



Fathom #2, 2013 Aspen, RI JSC Variant.

Only a couple hundred of these floating around.


Have a Happy Halloween!


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