October 7


Good morning comic-doers! What’s the latest in comics?


Curse Words was optioned last week.

DMZ was also optioned.


In other news, the ladies made the trek from across that big blue beautiful pond.



Deadline #1, 1988 UK. Let’s have a look at the interior…


First up, we have the cover preliminary artwork.



Then, we have her first story…






5 Ronin #4 2011 David Aja Variant

Sought after Psylocke cover that can fetch $100+. It’s a shame Cover A by David Mack does not get as much attention as it should.


Generation Hope #2 Women of Marvel 2011 Variant.

Another sought after variant that simply does not show up enough for sale.


X-Men #1 1:75, 2010 Vampire Variant.

Vampires are hot! Especially this time of year. Cool how this cover collects some of the X-Men characters who appeared on the vampire variant covers from 2010. Some are really difficult to track down from this 20 book set. The X-23 #2 is part of this set but there are other little known books that are not available in abundance, like the Shield #4 Mona Lisa Vampire Variant.


Prophet #1, 1995 SDCC Convention Special Edition.

B&W art inside…






Spawn #243, 2014

Early #200’s issues for Spawn are still super-saiyan-Spawn ha-hot!

#243’s look to be in the $50+ range. Why? It’s one of the lowest printed regular cover Spawn books.


Vampirella #1, Ross Var

Not the virgins, but the next best thing!

What are they selling for? $30-ish?


More random variants



Thor God of Thunder #2, 2012 2nd Printing

Somewhat scarce. Was commanding close to triple digits a few months back.


Nova #14, 2014, 1:50 Molina Cover w/Beta Ray Bill!

Rumored to have only a few hundred printed. How great would it be to see these 2 together on the big screen one day?


Legend of the Shadow Clan #2, 2013 Aspen JSC Sketch Variant. 1:30!

Campbell did quite a bunch of the #2 issue incentives for Aspen series in 2013. Last I checked, Aspen’s website had them all but for $100 a pop.


Nova #1, 2013 ComicsPro Retailer Exclusive.

Roughly 400 of these made?


Silk #1, 2015 1st series Phantom Variant.

Two Silk series in one year! Everything ASM300 Cover Swipe continues to sell.


Uncanny Joker Death!



Uncanny X-Force #1, 2010 1:25 Crain Var

Really like this cover and this X-Force team. Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke, Archangel and Fantomex? Yes, please!


The opening page gives us some great insight into Deadpool’s perfectly normal, healthy mind!



And a cliffhanging issue-ender that’s sure to leave us wanting more!



Deathstroke #58, 1996.

One of my favorite Joker covers.


Deathstroke #60, 1996

Very cool skull cover, which also happens to be the final issue in series.


Here it is. After 60 issues, this is what we get…

The mercenary’s fate!



The Crow City of Angels is coming! Miss you, Brandon and Bruce Lee! Miss you both.



And, Tales from the Crypt all new episodes premiering April 19th! : ) I hope they get a series remake going!



Back to Deathstroke! Through a hole in a man’s chest we see a battle. Deathstroke face kick!



Musicland and Sam Goody. Groovy is the correct word!


Wait. What??? Did Deathstroke just become Deadstrokeless?



Oh, ok. Of course not! He has Immortality!



Have another great week. Lots of water for that NYCC hangover!


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