October Mega-Haul! Plus Halloween Giveaway!

Ahhh here we are, one day after my favorite day of the year, and the air is cool, crisp, and oh so curious. It’s been some time CBSI, but after signing a long term contract in excess of money I can’t even count, I’m back now and I’ve got t-shirts for everyone! 

All jokes aside, I am happy to be back and writing in my normal slot. I love this community and I love learning from you all as well as maybe helping some of you out along the way.  I’ll continue to give my “hot takes”, as well as speculation advice, current hauls that I acquire in my travels, and some absolutely random articles that I think up while daydreaming. 

As a blue collar worker, I work hard for my money. I don’t have nearly as much as I’d like, but the money I do have, I make sure I spend it on things I truly enjoy. Sans family, there may be nothing I am more passionate about then my love for comic books. So when I come across a mega haul, I make sure that I scoop it up before a comic shop does. To my delight, I was able to check off a handful of books on my “wants” list in my latest haul.

This collection was outstanding. A little bit of everything. Ranging from the late ‘70s to the early millennium, with books from the 60s and present scattered in. This gentlemen contacted me about buying his collection, I offered him a price, and he accepted.

There were some really great books in these boxes. Near mint copies of books like ASM 300 and 361, Power Girl 1, 2, and 27,  Batman: The Killing Joke (first printing), as well as a CGC 6.5 Chamber Darkness #1. Which in the spirit of the season, I thought was pretty rad. It was full of Adam Hughes covers, low print independents, and so much more.  

What I think made me most excited were some of the fun independent books that I found. Of course I consider independent anything that isn’t Marvel or DC. Five of the books that I kept for my PC and was especially happy to find were by no means the most expensive books out of the bunch.

But isn’t that what’s so great about comics? It’s not always about the current market value or the price, but the subject matter and interest in the comic. 

I love compiling low print, obscure, and excellent independent comic book covers. Which makes me even happier is that I found these in the wild. I rarely do online shopping, due to the fact that it is more fun to find these comics in the wild! I guess you could say that it is the “thrill of the hunt”! I’ll make sure to keep these books Halloween themed!

30 Days of Night #1

-A super low print book that was published by IDW. There was a decent film adaptation that was released starring Josh Hartnett. I’ve seen the second printing in the wild a few times, but never the first printing. Glad I can finally add this to my PC! It has been on my indy list for quite some time.


Cowboy Ninja Viking #1

-This book had rumblings of Chris Pratt around it, though I believe talks have gone dormant. It’s an oversized low print run, and a Cowboy Ninja Viking seems like an awesome Halloween costume!


American Vampire #1

I’ve heard nothing but great things about this series, and this collection has the entire run! Can’t wait to get reading!


iZombie #1

I’ve never seen the TV show, but I’m excited to read this and see if it is worth checking out!


Wytches #1

I don’t know too much about this book, but it rounds off this list nicely, and I’m happy to have it!

Also, my recommended reading for the month:


Batman: The Long Halloween


Last, but certainly not least, while digging through this haul, I stumble upon a complete set of the Umbrella Academy in this monster haul! Now I have this set about three times over, but still love seeing it. This though made me ponder.

As a self proclaimed expert on The Umbrella Academy as well as an enthusiast and extremely excited for the Netflix series, I wanted to try something new. I’ll be giving away three copies of The Umbrella Academy FCBD (First Appearance of the Umbrella Academy!) out of my own personal collection. This book is ranging anywhere from $15-$40 on eBay currently. 



All you have to do is comment below and tell me your all-time favorite independent comic book COVER, and why. I’ll pick three winners and list you in my next post. Then just email CBSI your addresses, and they will contact me. I’ll take care of shipping and send you your book! Consider it my gift to you, for supporting me and reading my thoughts and diatribes. I’ll accept submissions until 7PM Wednesday November 7th! 

“…the big bright lights baby constantly haunt me”

-Brian Fallon


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