Of Gaslight, Howling & Thirteen

Gotham by Gaslight

There has been some chatter this week about a possible animated adaptation of this legendary Elseworlds tale. This book holds some historical distinction as it is the first Elseworlds publication. Mignola’s art on this book is some of his best work. It is also the first appearance of Gaslight Batman:

Note: There are reprinting of this so be aware. There is also a sequel! Depending on the success of the adaptation this one could be a sleeper.

The Howling 1B ( Anton Kokarev cover )

While everyone is on the Sienkiewicz cover for this series I’m more inclined to buy this cover B.

Dark Horse Presents Vol. 2 Issue 2 1:20 variant

First Number 13

An impressive youtube short which adapts elements of this Dark Horse series recently hit the web and it’s pretty darn good! Number 13 is part of the ongoing list of comic properties in some sort of development/ optioned status. Many series get optioned but a small percent get made. That doesn’t mean Number 13 won’t see further exploration though! If you are looking for the first appearance there are three covers, this one being the rarest.

Flash 112

First Appearance of the Elongated Man

It looks like the Elongated man will be a part of the next Flash CW season. This one is pricey but fans of rubbery heroes probably already own it! I’m looking forward to a Flash season without a speedster villain. In recent years the demand for the new villain has generated considerable jumps for certain books. Unfortunately the Savitar first has really tanked. You can’t go wrong with Golden & Silver Age keys like this and the first Thinker

Clarence 1:20

First appearance

This popular Cartoon Network show has quite a cultish fan base. Rick and Morty is redefining collecting cartoon adaptations. You can get this pretty cheap so there is little risk and it’s a solid read.

DC Superhero Girls: Wonder Woman at Super Hero High

First appearance of the DC Superhero Girls

Well I know that the readers I speak to aren’t in the pre-teen demographic but this series book retailer sales are outselling some pretty impressive titles including Preacher, The Watchmen and Suicide Squad! Though not a comic this is the first printed incarnation of these versions of some pretty iconic comic heroines.

Here is the first comic book…

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