Of George R. R. Martin, Incredibles, Artgerm and more!!!

With the conclusion of GOT’s penultimate season the interest has never been higher. There will always be critics but I found this season to be enthralling. The fast pace was a welcome change. Each episode often felt like an entire season itself! Anticipation for the final season will only build to a fever pitch over the next 2 years so interest in the characters won’t really fade. The last podcast and some recent CBSI articles have touched on this. I think many of us missed the boat on the comic series which is unfortunate because some of those covers are incredible and likely to see increases in value long term.

I see huge potential for the following books because they are cheap and contain the source material for what has a high probability of making it’s way to HBO. As far as I can tell Hedge Knight, Robert’s Rebellion and the Dance of the Dragons/Targaryen Civil War are the most likely candidates to make it to TV. George RR Martin has come out and said that Robert’s Rebellion is out simply because there would be no surprises. We already know the outcomes so telling the story seems kind of pointless even though it would be quite interesting to watch the Targaryen’s fall. As far as the Targaryen civil war, well dragon vs dragon would be awesome and it’s set far enough in Westeros’s past that you won’t be restrained by the current story. The only problem I forsee is that even for HBO producing dragons is expensive. GOT’s dragons were an incredibly slow build. In a show all about the Targaryen’s there would have to be a lot of dragon on dragon action and that means a high cost. So that leaves Hedge Knight. Martin has waivered on this. At first Martin said that probably won’t happen because he has more to write concerning those adventures and he sure doesn’t want another situation where the show gets ahead of the books. But Martin has made comments to EW that doing those stories is a good idea. It’s set far enough in the past but features characters that played key roles in the development of the Westeros we love. My money’s on Hedge Knight. Here are the key books;

Hedge Knight 1, 1b, 1 Holofoil, 1 Con Special

First appearance of Hedge Knight

The ones to get here are the holofoil and the super rare con variant.

Other books of interest:

Comic Book Digest 0, Marvel Spotlight, Dabel Brother’s Sampler, Marvel’s Best Selling Authors,

These 4 are plentiful ( other than maybe the Digest ) and I mention them more for the completist.

Legends: Short Novels by the Masters of Modern Fantasy

This anthology is the first Hedge Knight publication.

The DB Freebee SDCC ( 2004 )

This one is kind of rare and includes a preview of the Hedge Knight TPB.

Hedge Knight 1-3 collected

Much like Y the Last Man Double feature, this one collects a few early issues into one comic. When Devil’s Due took over they released this book.

Hedge Knight Sworn Sword 1b Leinil Yu cover, 1c Sketch variant

Dr Weird 1

First Published comic work by George RR Martin

Here are my other pics for this week…

The Incredibles 1

First appearance of the Incredibles and Frozone

A new movie is on the way and in my opinion it’s the best Pixar movie ever.

Warhammer Forge of War 5

First Artgerm Cover Art

Jumper: Jumpscars

First appearance of the franchise

It looks like we are going to get a Jumpers show. I hope the lairs are solid.

Hearttrob 1 ( Fried Pie Variant ) 2 ( Fried Pie Con Variant )

Here’s another comic series that was recently picked up. Other folks have mentioned this although the announcement has pretty much gone unnoticed. These are the two worth buying and holding.

The Illuminati Ashcan & Mighty Avengers 12

These two set up Secret Invasion. Mighty Avengers 12 chronologically predates Secret Invasion 1 and the ashcan book shows how the Skrulls acquired the advantage so many years earlier. With the possibility of elements from this story being woven into the Captain Marvel film script you could do worse in terms of bargain speculation.

Hellboy Witch Hunt 3

First appearance of Ganeida

Another character coming to the new Hellboy movie, If you are fan you will know who she is.

The Comics Journal 85 ( October 1983 )

First Black Costume

I have done a lot of research on the black costume and it has taken me down a few rabbit holes. For the last few years I thought the definitive, first published appearance was in Amazing Heroes 39. This had remained true until G+ member Sean Dunn clued us into Amazing Heroes 35 and Comic Reader 215. Sean’s post made me realize that Marvel must have been sending their preview images to these publications in consecutive months so it was possible that the side profile image or full frontal standing image from Comic Reader 215 may have been released in Sept or Oct of 1983 in a different publication. There was really only one publication left to check and sure enough that side profile image was released in this book. At this point I am not going to claim that it is definitive because one never knows but it’s a good bet. This book, Amazing Heroes 35, Comic Reader 215 and Amazing Heroes 39 make a pretty cool set if you can find them all because together they reference the same previewed art.

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