Of Jack Napier, Daniel, Wolverine / Hulk Hybrids and more!

Batman the Official Movie Adaptation ( 1989 )

First time Joker is named ( Jack Napier )

With the highly anticipated Batman White Knight series coming soon, we just learned that the true name of the Joker will be Jack Napier! That’s some pretty big news. As this series has yet to labeled an out-of-continuity/elseworlds style series, it is possible this will be the Joker’s true name in the proper DCU. Even though this GN/comic has a huge print run and is simply an adaptation of a film, it is still the first time the Joker’s true name was published. It’s a dollar bin gem as far as I am concerned.

Sandman 47

First Daniel Hall as Dream

That last page cliffhanger in Metal was pretty rad. Anything Snyder does is going to get some buzz. This issue put some immediate heat on issue 69 of Sandman and rightfully so. But it’s in issue 47 where we first see Daniel as Dream.

In that issue Destiny flips through his book, visiting the past, present and future at once. Gaiman specifically mentions a chapter which Destiny had last read 300 years prior and it speaks of a previous gathering of Dream’s family. The page below speaks of these key events as the pages had flipped one way ( to the past ) and now another ( the future ). Destiny clearly mentions Dream being dressed all in white. Along with 22 and 69 this book should be considered a pretty important Dream key.

Exiles 86

First Wolverine/Hulk hybrid character

I’m gonna be a clear as I can here. This is NOT the first appearance of Batch H. But fans should know that the idea of a Wolvie/Hulk hybrid is not new. This character appears in 1 panel. We know nothing about him. What is important here is the concept and with Batch H rising in popularity this book has become historically significant. I also really like the fact that Wolverpool appears on the cover ( he also appears in issue 85 ), the Hooded One appears to be on the cover, predating his first and a few really cool looking female Wolverine characters appear as well.

Cloak and Dagger 1, 5 ( appears as Mayhem )

First Brigid O’Reilly ( Mayhem )

As this point it’s only a rumor. These are cheap spec plays. Do not overpay.

Four Color 17

First appearance of Dumbo

With a Tim Burton version on the way interest in Dumbo is sure to pick up. Unfortunately this book is a golden age ghost.

Teen Titans 39, 42

First Jericho

The word is that the Arrow team is looking to cast an Australian character with connections to Deathstroke. Hmmmmmmmm.

Deathstroke’s son first appeared in a photo in issue 39 which by itself is an undervalued Grayson key. He next appeared via cameo in 1 panel in issue 42 before making a full cover appearance later. Obviously TT 44 is the book to own but it’s not his first.

NOTE: Thanks to g+ group member David Unlikely for bringing up the photo in issue 39.

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