Of Khan, Ravagers, Secret Invasion & much more!

Due to working on a pretty in depth article with some well know G+ comic folk I’ve had little time to put together much else in the last week. Well I am back and skipping a few days reminded me why I don’t skip days. There has been an insane amount of press for some pretty amazing things coming to the small screen. Whether it’s villainous castings for shows like Flash and Black Lightning or huge announcements like the Millar/ Netflix deal ( this in no way replaces Disney’s eventual exit ) one can’t help but get excited.

The Wizard thing seems a bit overlooked. As much a I loved that publication I see no need. Besides I though printed media ( minus comics of course ) was all but dead? Wizard you had your time. Take a lesson from Bleeding Cool Magazine, any return to print in just an inevitable path to failure. On to the picks…

Who’s Who in Star Trek 1

First appearance of Khan Noonien Singh

Anonymous sources are claiming director Nick Meyer is developing a limited TV series based on the events that led up to Space Seed! Khan remains one of Star Trek’s most memorable antagonists despite a recent misstep. It’s a bit odd that two series would be in development at once so be skeptical but this book poses little risk.

Star Lord 2 1:25 Variant ( Koi Carrion cover )

First appearance of the Ravagers

This may not be the best cover in the world but it is proving to be ghost worthy. Why should you care? Well GOTG director James Gunn has recently spoke about the possibility of a Ravagers film! Even though many of the Ravagers ( including Taserface ) have made their first appearances in the distant past, there was never a first appearance of the team until this publication. A solo film should put this book on the map. Mix that with some rarity and you might just be holdin’ some gold.

Note: The team does appear on the cover to the regular edition making it their first cover appearance but it is nowhere near as rare as the variant.

Civil War 7 (Sketch Variant 1:75)


Captain Marvel Volume 6 Issue 3-5

First appearance of Khn’nr Mar-Vell revealed to be a skrull in issue 4

There’s been some interest in the Secret Invasion as of late as possible source material for the upcoming Captain Marvel film. Rumor has it Mar-Vell will be a part of the film. Well there’s one thing about Secret Invasion that turned out to be quite a surprise. Mar-Vell was proven to be Klyn’nr, a skrull operative who had Mar-Vell’s memories implanted. An error causes Mar-Vell to remain dominant and when he learned his true nature decided to rebel against his people. This arc ( issues 3-5 ) and the short from Secret Invasion: Who do you Trust? ( variant only ) are all worth a cheap spec buy. I would even add the Marvel Spotlight book which is the first appearance of Secret Invasion.


I feel like I’ve mentioned this before but it looks like a adaptation by Deadpool director Tim Miller of William Gibson’s incredible cyberpunk, sci-fi novel in finally gonna happen. Prices on Ebay are high but this is a book you may be able to find in comic stores that have large back issues available.

Venom Minus 1

First appearance of Krobaa

It’s kind of feels out of place to link another symbiote to Eddie Brock prior to Venom but this forgotten comic does just that. And while the narrative is a little odd Krobaa is a pretty interesting character. I won’t spoil it here in case you actually like reading comics. This one is cheap enough so you should be able to find it.

2000 AD 643

First published work of Mark Millar

With that Netflix deal Millar is only going to get more and more recognition as a legendary comic creator. Best to have this one in the arsenal.

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