Old Lady Harley Gets the Last Laugh


If you are an avid speculator, then this particular last issue is already on your radar: Old Lady Harley #5, as it features the first appearance of “Geriatric” Joker and Harley’s son (with the Joker) Joker Jr. While the mini-series is already sold out for cover price online, some retailers haven’t caught on yet. So it’s still feasible that there are copies out there.

No reports of graded copies or variants exist for this one, however, in terms of sales, the series exhibits the typical trend of a decrease in copies sold since issue #1. According to Comichron, issue #1 sold 36,520 copies, issue #2 sold 20,427 copies (a 44% drop) and issue #3 sold 17,032 (a 17% drop from issue #2). If the trend continues, issues #4 and #5 should see sales in the neighborhood of 12-15,000 copies, which are not exactly high numbers for one of DC’s premier characters.

For an excellent review of the Old Lady Harley series, check out Dan Piercy’s recent Reading Pile column.

Ebay sales for raws are currently $18-20. It’ll be a race to see who gets the first 9.8s to market and what they command in price. (CGC fast track is currently at 11 days or less.) If you are ahead of the flood, you could do quite well for a comic that hit stores last week.


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