One Year Later: Wednesday November 16, 2016

“Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy. Profit from folly rather than participate in it” — Warren Buffett

Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI friends, my name is Clint Joslin. I have always been fascinated by numbers in business and what drives them. At a fundamental level, success in something follows a few principles – Recognize opportunity, build a network, and diversify to name a few. The same can be said in this venture into comics we have all taken. We all have ups and downs, wins and losses, and thinner or deeper bank accounts with the risk we take in this game of speculation. My goal each week is to take a look back, a year back in time in fact, and see where the winners/losers are from an average Wednesday release date. Some weeks it may only be one title, while others could have multiple depending on what was released. In addition, I may throw a few wrinkles or interesting factoids including some pop culture from time to time to keep it fresh and fun. Please feel free to add comments or suggestions. We can all learn from each other. “Alright ramblers, let’s get rambling” – name the movie this quote was from for bonus points.

Wednesday November 16, 2016

Winner of the week: All-New Wolverine #14 Leinil Yu 1:25 Variant


  • #81 out of 371 total units moved for Nov 16 per Comichron
  • Total Print Run: 35,437
  • Approx 1,418 copies (1:25)
  • Currently five 9.8s on eBay with a median price of $100
  • Currently two raw listed on eBay with a median price of $40
  • One sale in last 60 days – $90 CGC 9.8

Well, one thing’s for sure with this variant and that is the color is unique being pink. Steve Buscemi would be proud!

Anyways, this cover has a few things going for it long term:

  • Low print run under 1500 
  • Singular shot of one if the hottest characters in recent memory in Miss Laura Kinney 
  • Hot artist with some great, and the key word being somewhat memorable covers 
  • Growing in popularity Gabby appearance (Read up on her she has potential) Factoid: Her 1st app is in All-New Wolverine # 2 – Lopez 1:25 being the clear winner. Talk about a variant growing in value! 
  • Bellona appearance

Additional Yu covers to look for in the wild:

  • 1:50 Cable and X Force run – small run, awesome covers
  • Thunderbolts # 110 – sick beefed up Venom
  • Captain Marvel #1 2014 – ahh the detail in this is spot on

Honorable mention: The Fallen 1:50 – R.I.P. Hulk… very temporarily

This IMO is a HOLD. Let this Barbie aisle color book marinate for a few. As Laura grows, so will this variant in small increments. This was a $15-$20 book out of the gate. Now sales are trending favorably.


Well, that’s it for this week’s edition. Short and sweet with one title. Perhaps time to pop on that old 70s song by Stealers Wheel – Stuck In The Middle With You. I will leave you with a 2 part bonus question. If you had to be named a color vs. your real name for identity’s sake what would it be and why?

Talk soon,

Mr. Green out…

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