Origin of the joker, Kaboom, Jessica Jones and More!

I posted the Joker stuff a while back but with some recent development it seems appropriate now…


So Martin Scorsese is gonna produce a Joker’s origin movie?!  That’s some pretty crazy news. Too bad he’s not directing it.  Todd Phillips has recently announced that the film will in fact tell his origin, incorporating elements of the failed comedian angle established in the Killing Joke and some others.

Here are some comics you can look for that may or may not be used in some capacity including the Killing Joke.

Batman Confidential 7-12

This run is a compelling look into the Joker’s origin and would certainly be some solid inspiration for anyone trying to tell it through a stand alone film.  I have a feeling the mob aspect will be important considering Scorsese’s involvement.

NOTE:  Issues 7-12 were collected in one Volume called Lovers and Madmen




Detective Comics 27

Batman’s debut saw him pitted against  Alfred Stryker. Alfred was the first criminal to fight the Batman and he ended up taking a chemical bath.  Hmmmmmmm………

It’s a name they could use and a blank slate of a character,  they would have to change his look though.




Batman Movie Adaptation 1,1b

First published use of the name Jack Napier

The only thing I could see them using from this is the name Jack Napier.





Detective Comics 168

I suspect the film with have a serious crime noir feel so inserting the Red Hood might not be what the studio is looking for.  But it’s always possible.





The Dark Knight Manual

The Joker as a soldier suffering from PTSD would be a great start as far as origins go.  This book gives some background into Heath Ledger’s version. Beyond that small part of his character’s origin there is little else to go by which is a good thing for the film’s eventual writer.  I could see Warner wanting to develop one of the most popular film versions but at the same time they might just want to leave Ledger’s legacy alone.




Batman 23.1 2D/Newsstand

First appearance of Aunt Eunice

This comic contains a very brief snippet of Joker’s life as a child living in some hellish conditions with his Aunt Eunice.  It’s too small to really matter but if you are doing an origin film they might want to go back to his childhood.




Batman Mask of the Phantasm ( a,b and digest )


This comic goes into some detail showing the Joker as mob muscle and he uses the name Jack Napier.



The Killing Joke

This book is one of the better origins for the Joker simply because the whole thing could just be a joke.  The best thing about the Joker is not knowing. Every time we learn too much about a character with unknown origins he/she loses something ( see Wolverine ).  There is no chance of a Killing Joke live film but the failed comedian aspect of this book is presumably the path the creators are taking.

 NOTE:  There are many, many printings for this.  The first print,  second and first Titan are all I recommend.


Or maybe it will be something completely original combining elements of books like

The Man who Laughs with something from Snyder’s run.   It would be great if none of what we see is actually true and simply just another story told by the joker.  The best part of the character is that he really has no origin because we only know what he wants us to know.  I think what was so fascinating about Nolan’s Joker was that the personna and lack of any definable origin was his costume and the only real way to take on a detective with near unlimited resources.   I hope the new film does him justice.





Other books for this week…



Spider-Woman 30

First appearance of Dr. Malus

Jessica Jones Season 2 is getting mixed reviews.  I enjoyed it and some of the nods to past characters like The Whizzer, Hedy Wolfe and The Ringmaster were pretty sweet.  Dr. Malus also appears and he has some important Connections to Carnage!




Detective Comics 259

First appearance of The Calendar Man

Looks like that insane show Gotham is going to adapting The Long Halloween?!  OK well you cannot do that series without this guy!





OK so I still can’t believe I am gonna mention this but with the Netflix/Liefeld deal inked I have to address some of the properties announced.  I mentioned Cybrid earlier but that book is a dime a dozen.  Kaboom represents the best of the bunch.  If you want to bother speculating on anything Extreme,  Kaboom is your best bet.  Here are the ones I like…



Coven 1 special exclusive Edition/Kaboom Flipbook 1997( Gold and Red Foil ) 




Savage Dragon 41




Kaboom 1 DF Signed edition





Kaboom 1 ( 1999 )  Gold Joe Mad cover, Blue Gold variant and Con 99 variant???


There may be  Silver versions of issue 1 and 2 but I cannot confirm at this time.  The Joe Mad issues, especially the blue gold might be the rarest Kaboom comic.

Blue Gold 1:50???

I am not even sure this one exists…

issue 2 comic-con special edition by Joe Mad.




Kaboom Prelude Gold only & Kaboom Panini prelude

This cover is awful but it’s not that easy to find in high grade.





Kaboom Limited Edition HC 2009



Awesome San Diego Con Preview

First appearance of Kaboom

This one is a true ghost.  The cover may be ugly but it is Kaboom’s first appearance.



Awesome Holiday Special Gold




Bloodstrike 1 ( 2015 )

There are 4 covers.  I only dig this one.




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