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As we wrap up another year of comic speculation and investing I wanted to squeeze out a final commentary on our hobby… unfortunately I’m just not up for that.

This years, at least for me anyways, several comic properties I’ve been hoping would final get their due are moving into production, in some form or the other. Mainly Birds of Prey and Batwoman. While Batwoman’s small screen debut was more of a teaser than anything else, it was enough to give us a glimpse into what a that show might look like.  So don’t be so quick to dump your copies of 52 Week 11‘s back on the market just yet. WB/CW seem to have plains for her and interest should continue to rise as we get closer to the 2019 fall TV line up… plus there’s already a ton of them on eBay.



Speaking on 2019, BoP will begin shooting early in the new year. I’m trying to stay optimistic. Which, seems to have been rewarded based on the Bumblebee buzz. Did you know the writer of the BoP and BumbleBee are one in the same? If you did then here’s something you might not know, Christina Hodson and Margot Robbie spent 3 years working on the script. On that note, I  think i’m going to jump into some overlooked Harley Quinn related titles… because that’s something i’ve been doing a lot lately.



New 52 Harley Quinn #11 1:25 Variant. This book jumped upon release, then faded away over the years… to the point at the time of writing this, there are only 3 copies on eBay. While not a major key book to most, pretty much only appealing to Harley Quinn and Power Girl fans, it does demonstrate that books that once flooded eBay, over time, can and do dry up.

A Harley Quinn and Birds of Prey related book that is seriously overlooked is Detective Comics 737. With earlier Harley Quinn appearance raising and falling slightly over time, this book always seems to hover in price. Never really climbing outside the $15-$30 range raw, depending on the grade/condition. You’d think that the first meeting of Harley and Huntress would warrant more attention with them both appearing on screen together, especially since there’s not really a BoP book with Harley and the rest of the reported cast appearing together… so 2 outta 3 ain’t bad.

Truth be told, the only BoP book with Harley in it and on the cover is BATGIRL AND THE BIRDS OF PREY #16 VARIANT… which, no surprise these are drying up too.  Pretty strange right.. even stranger, it’s Batwoman, Harley and Batgirl, so not even Huntress or Canary on the cover. 16 A has everyone on the cover, with Harley in the background… so pretty week. Harley, Canary and Huntress don’t even really interact in BG:BoP #16 or #17.  You’d think there would be something earlier, but I haven’t seen anything else… yes, this is a challenge to our readers to find something earlier. “Go forth and find a book with Harley Quinn, Black Canary and Huntress teaming up and on the cover, do this and you will win the internet!” well, maybe.

Yet another overlooked  book related to Harley that people have completely forgotten about… or never knew existed is  New 52 Harley Quinn #25 It’s a book that’s been batted around in discussions in the CBSI writer’s room recently. Why pray tell is that book worthy of discussion? Simple, because we haven’t been able to find an earlier example of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn’s romantic entanglement in the main DCU continuity.

Sure there are hints, and it’s expressly mentioned in Batgirl Adventures #1 . Yes, there are the InJustice and Bombshell’s version of the characters where that’s explored. But I’m talking about with one of the Quinn’tessential versions, so Adventures or main DCU.  Who knows, maybe some eagle eyed reader can provide a better book… and yes, that’s also a challenge.

There are so many more, but last one i’ll mention, JL vs SS #3 Joe Mad! Variant seems to have evaporated online without even the slightest notice. While not really a key issue, still a nice cover featuring Harley and Wonder Woman squaring off. This book is a no brainer, assuming WB/DC doesn’t just give up on making comic book movies. It’s only a matter of time before we see these two square off on the big screen. While it’s not even their first meeting, still a sweet cover that’s harder to find than one might think…



Hopefully this installment has gives you either things to chase, read or rail against this holiday season. At the very least a small diversion from whatever you’re avoiding… Till Next Year!

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