Painkiller Jane AKA: Jane Vasco

In the interest of letting people know about something early, last week Deadline confirmed that the Painkiller Jane movie now has a writer. Topher started this spec conversation on the G+ page last year after some initial news broke and actress Jessica Chastain was attached.

I start some of these articles months before they end up running. As an example this was started back in December. Many of these books are still out there and still cheap. Most of them can be found in discount bins… Lord knows I’ve been seeing them in dollar bins for years so I doubt much has changed in the last 10 months.

That’s important to point out, since discounts bins are a great way to have books become more difficult to find in higher grades. Especially covers that are predominately Black and/or White. Which is the case for a couple of these books. For people who deal in slabbed/graded books, this might be a real good “first to market opportunity” for some of these covers.

Let’s face it, people speculate on way riskier stuff than this and at much higher buy in prices. Just look at the store exclusive variant market as an example. I’m not hating, just saying. You can tie up money on one $50 book or spread it out on 5 or 10 copies of some of these books. Gambling is part of the fun, isn’t it? According to Jimmy Linguini at he’s spoke with Jessica Chastain and she’s confirmed the PKJ movie is definitely happening… So early appearances in higher grade might not be too big a gamble after all.

PKJ started out at Event Comics in 1996. Dynamite and Marvel have also released books with PKJ but I’d avoid speculation on those for the moment. I’m sure Dynamite has some variant covers that will see some action due to low print runs, like the 2006 Adam Hughes variant cover for issue #1. Who really knows what the future holds for this property. Also keep in mind this is not the first time PKJ has been optioned. There was a short lived TV series once before. I also seem to remember a movie by the same name too.

22 Brides #1. Either cover, first Cameo Appearance of PKJ.

22 Brides #2 cover B. Topher’s calling this a first full appearance, because she’s not obscured in shadow. I can buy that. The cover is mostly black too so that’s going to make finding higher grades a pain. There is a cover A also, which seem much easier to find.

Ash/22 Brides #1. First Cover appearance… see if you can find her in this mess of bodies. Mentioned by David Unlikely (cover not shown).

22 Brides #4 Cover A. Quesada Cover, first full appearance. In this case meaning she appears throughout the book. First cover where she’s the primary focus.

22 Brides #4 Cover B. Rick Leonardi Cover. First PKJ full appearance inside, This is a mostly black cover. There’s a “signed and numbered variant”. It’s the exact same cover just signed and number.

There’s a 3rd cover, but she’s not on it so I’d just steer clear of it.

Painkiller Jane #1 Event Comics 1B. Rick Leonardi Variant wraparound cover. For those into slabbing, Wrap around covers are perfect for slabs. I’m sure you already know this. I’m a big Rick Leonardi fan so I’m bisis, truth be told, Leonardi’s involvement in the early issues of this series is the only reason I know anything about the character.

Painkiller Jane #1 Event Comics American Entertainment Variant. There’s also a Wizard World “signed and numbered variant”. It’s the exact same cover just signed and number.

Painkiller Jane #0. For folks that like issue #0’s, this might be something to pick up on the cheap. There’s 2 different covers.

Painkiller Jane #1 (2006) Adam Hughes Variant. This was a retailer’s incentive variant and with practically any Adam Hughes cover skyrocketing, I don’t see why this wouldn’t also… Well besides it looking like a convention sketch they decided to print as a cover.

Painkiller Jane 22 Brides (2014) 1:25 JML Cover. Joseph Michael Linsner’s covers have been getting more popular as of late, so I don’t see why this one wouldn’t also.

Crossover books. I’d have to advise people to have some lowered expectation. If you want to pick these up to read, cool. We have to figure these crossovers are not going to play into the film in any way. Also the likelihood of these crossovers ever happening is probably slim and none…

Punisher and Painkiller Jane. This seems like a match made in hell, but I don’t know if it will ever make any size screen as a team up. It’s a thing, read it if you dare, I did. It was kinda funny, PKJ is staking Frank Castle and that’s all I’ll tell you. It’s also got a nice Joe Jusko covers so there’s worst things to have in your collection.

Painkiller Jane – Hellboy ONE SHOT. I highly doubt Hellboy and PKJ will be teaming up in our lifetime.The Mike Mignola Cover is the hardest to find and has been on people’s radar for years. With a new Hellboy movie in production who really knows. Interior art by Rick Leonardi and the cover B is a Joe Quesada. The Quesada all white cover is typically the easier of the two to find.

Vampirella and PainKiller Jane #1. I heard you like foil variants. So this book has multiple foil cover variants. There’s a red foil, gold foil and chrome foil. And three different covers that have 2 or 3 of the foils each… Even an ash can. Again, extremely doubtful that Vampi and PKJ will be teaming up on the big screen in our lifetime. But who knows. Regardless, I figure this book with all the different foil covers has got to have a pretty high print run. If you run across some of these while digging in those dollar bins, it might be worth picking up to read.

Darkness Painkiller Jane One-Shot. I’ll level with you guys, There’s a lot of PKJ crossovers I don’t see much happening with them or this. But again, who knows what the future holds. It exists like the others mentioned.

Most of the books listed here probably won’t do much, the 22 Brides and the Painkiller Jane number ones might. The Adam Hughes variant from Dynamite and the JML cover from Marvel/Icon will probably both see a bump, but realistically that probably it. However, the market is you, you decide what to chase down and what becomes “in demand”.

Personally, I just dig the character design and Rick Leonardi who drew a lot of the earlier issues/appearances. Not every book in your collection needs to be valuable, once upon a time people actually bought books to read them because they were fun… I know, shocker, right!?

Till Next Week!

Disclaimer: As always, I urge you to use restraint when buying. Research multiple sources to form your own opinions before investing.

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