Palpatine, Rudolph, Secret Invasion and More!

Welcome back to TF and happy holidays!  I don’t have much to say this week other than be careful….there may be some Rise of Skywalker spoilers below.




Star Wars Tales 14

First appearance of Triclops, Palpatine’s only true child

Rise was better than the critics say.  It has its flaws for sure but it was actually quite entertaining.  My biggest gripe, a lack of use and understanding of long established Sith and Jedi lore.  Even so you never know what will get hot in the speculative world so the Emperor’s only true offspring from the comics could be a cheap play.



Star Wars Jedi Council: Act of War 2

First appearance and cover for Yellow Lightsaber

Now this one is highly speculative.  Despite a lot of searching this is the oldest appearance I could find.  It is possible there is a n earlier appearance.  If you find one feel free to mention it and I will credit you and update the post.


NOTE:  Star Wars Tales 23 has an in depth story that goes into the origins of the yellow crystal that is worth reading and makes Rey’s creation that much more valid once you understand who gets to use such crystals.




Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

First appearance of Rudolph

It’s Christmas, why not?




Dark Nights Metal LP Set

Metal characters and the series will stand the test of time and the dark multiverse continues to be both popular and relevant.  This one has simply been overlooked as a rare printing of issue 1




Comics Interview 42

First appearance of Fire and Ice

As far as I can tell this publication is the only one with any sort of illustrated Fire and Ice appearance, a property set to be remade. Either way the cover is solid and Comics Interview always delivered on content.





Mr. Stuffins 1

First appearance of Mr. Stuffins

Can we just get a Mr. Stuffins cartoon already?  This one is here more for the cover!




Spider-Gwen 18, 18b

First appearance of Miles Morales offspring

Though Spider-Zero is currently hot, Miles and Gwen had children earlier.



JLA 26

First appearance of Knight ( Cyril as Knight )

Cyril appeared first in Batman 61 along with the original Batman of England but it is Cyril who is rumored to be a part of Suicide Squad 2 as Knight.  He first appeared here although we do not learn how he took over the role until much later. 






Grimm Fairly Tales 27

This blind mice GFT 27 Stegman from Jay’s is sick.  I believe is is limited to 500.



Revolver 1

If you are looking for some Grant Morrison you may not know about try this revamp of DanDare.


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