Park Circle Comic Show

Park Circle Comics hosts comic shows 4 – 6 times a year at the Sparrow on Montague Avenue. This show was a clearance sale where they blew out some stock and some drek from recent collection purchases.

I am a sucker for these types of sales. I buy issues to complete runs, to start new ones or just because it is a cool comic. Well, I found two long boxes full of comics that fell in those categories.

I grabbed a bunch of Marvel GI Joe – even though I have the entire run, I like to pick up these when I find them cheap. I also found near full runs of Marvel’s New Universe original series Starbrand, StrikeForce Morturi and Nightmask. A beat up Marvel Team-Up #95, a stack of bronze Iron Man, about 25 issues of the Incredible Hulk, Marvel Knight’s Daredevils, Captain American, full run of Mutant X, Marvel Knight’s Spider-Man, Marvel Age, Black Panther, Bronze Amazing Spider-Man were just some of the great finds.

I was extremely pleased with the selection in my two long boxes.