Pay That Man His Money



“Pay that man his money”…


Greetings from the desert fellow CBSI members. I use my best Teddy KGB Russian accent (Rounders) in writing that above quote. There are many of us who know creators and artists only by their work, not necessarily their physical appearance. In addition, there are some that are still new to this hobby.

In honor of both of those facets, I wanted to bring attention, that deserves a ton of credit in the comic industry – I am speaking to the uber talented Bruce Timm. Some call him the the brainchild behind the modern DC animated franchise. So, just who is this man? Let’s start at the beginning. Bruce began his career in the early 80s at Lou Scheimer’s Filmation animation studio.

He worked as a layout artist and character designer for such series as Blackstar, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, and She-Ra: Princess of Power. During the rest of this decade, he spent time working on animated television series in roles such as designer for DiC’s The Real Ghostbusters, and model designer for Warner Bros.’ Tiny Toon Adventures.

In 1992, Bruce Timm created Batman: The Animated Series to both audience and critical acclaim. This universe has been the setting for many big moments within Batman lore. There is probably not one bigger than the creation of Dr Harleen Quinzel aka Harley Quinn.

While struggling to come up with a new character, the writer of this series Paul Dini had somewhat of a revelation due to witnessing a friend act on the soap Days of Our Lives. Her name was Arleen Sorkin. There is a few brief moments that plays out with her speaking to nursery rhymes.

This was the Genesis for the creation of Harley due to the costume, and behavior. Let’s just say the rest in history, and Arleen went on to voice her within the cartoon after this discovery. Here is a picture, it’s crazy that Harley was developed from a simple throw away soap opera scene.



Alright, now that we have a brief history of Mr. Timm, let’s look at some of this cover artwork and runs throughout the years.


Batman Adventures Annual # 1

Batman Adventures Annual # 2

Batman Adventures Holiday Annual # 1

Batman Adventures Vol 2 # 1

Batman Adventures Vol 2 # 2

Batman Adventures Vol 2 # 3

Batman Adventures Vol 2 # 4

Batman Beyond Vol 1  # 1

Batman Beyond Vol 1 # 2

Batman Beyond Vol 1  # 5

2012 Batman Adventures Comicfest # 1

Batman Gotham Adventures # 10

Batman Harley and Ivy Vol 1  # 1

Batman Harley and Ivy Vol 1 # 2

Batman Harley and Ivy Vol 1  # 3

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love

Harley Quinn Vol 2 # 14

Harley Vol 2 # 23

Harley Vol 2 # 23 Ink Variant

Harley Vol 2 # 23 Pencil Variant

Batgirl Adventures Vol 1 # 1

Bonus and Other Covers

Superman Adventures Vol 1 # 1

Superman Adventures Vol 1 # 21

Adventures of Superman Vol 2 # 4

Superman Unchained Vol 1 # 1 1:100 Variant

Spirit Vol 1 # 15

Spirit Vol 1 # 16

Spirit Vol 1 # 22

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre Vol 1 4 1:25 Variant

Gen 13 Bootleg Vol 1 # 18

Heartthrobs Vol 1 # 1

Justice League Adventures Vol 1 # 1

Manhunter Special Vol 2 # 1

The Kamandi Challenge Vol 1 # 1

The Many Worlds of Tesla Strong

Wow! Now there are some great covers and runs. Bruce Timm is more than just a comic book creator. He has reshaped the animation medium, creating more opportunities for others.

The man deserves every bit of adulation, residuals, and income that comes his way. His distinct style may not be for everyone, however there is no denying his greatness. It will be interesting to see what the future holds with Bruce Timm.

If it’s anything like we have had been privy to, we are in for a treat!

Speaking of treats, how about this prop?



“Nyet! Nyet! No More! No! Not tonight! This son of a bitch, all night he, Check, Check, Check. He trap me.



He beat me…straight up…Pay him…Pay that man his money…”  


Teddy KGB


Talk soon,






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