Peter Porker, Stargirl, The Joker’s Mom, Rugrats and More!

    After a brief hiatus I have returned!  A big thank you to newcomer Brandon Susens for providing an excellent article in my absence.  I’m sure there will be a part 2 somewhere down the line.

     This week I have assembled what could be the most insane collection of books highlighting a week of announcements that I am still having a hard time getting my head around.  Did anyone else bet on a series about Geoff Johns’s female Star Spangled Kid or that the first appearance of Peter Porker would cause collector’s to lose all sense of reason?  Sometimes this modern age of comic speculation is just to much to believe.  This existence must be a simulation.   Things I want to happen but have no business  doing so are now real! There is no way a toy Thanos copter gets made, the Rugrats return and a sequel to Unbreakable could all happen in 2018 right?  I’m going to spend the next week concentrating on Kill Bill part 3,  a documentary on hackysacks and Savage Opress appearing in a live film.  If any of them happen I know this existence is just an illusion.

Here are this weeks picks…


Marvel Tales 201

Peter Porker was announced for the upcoming, animated Spider-verse film and you all went nuts.  Anyone see what Marvel Tails has been selling for?  Even I think that is silly although I wouldn’t mind having a Mark Jeweler.  The movie looks great and it had better be or that first will tank.  This one is cheap and he’s on the cover.  After Porker’s series ended he was added to this long running title in original backup stories.


Amazing Heroes 40

Here is  another book which publishes Nightwing’s image prior to TT 44.  A few of these do pretty well at auction.  I mention this one because it was released at the same time as Comic Reader 216, tying it for the earliest known appearance.


All Star Comics 2

News of the Star Spangled Kid getting an adaptation put collectors on the hunt for her first which happens to be in a secret files book.  No one considers that her first but it kind of is right? Well  buyer’s and writers immediately set their sights on Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 0 as her first.  But she appeared a bit earlier in a vision of the future!


Supermen of America 5

Because Courtney didn’t become Stargirl until much later, it makes sense to go looking for her first as Stargirl.  In this case her transformation is a little confusing.  Courtney remained the Star Spangled Kid for sometime before being given the Cosmic Rod by Starman in issue 80 of his series.  But she waited for a few years before taking up the Stargirl name in JSA All-Stars 4.

But years earlier she was part of this series.  In this issue we see a future where the JSA has been destroyed and she is among the dead.  Since she became Stargirl in a story set in continuity she must be Stargirl in this blink and you miss it moment.

Notable issues;  Starman 62 ( first appearance of Stargirl 1 ),80, JLA Vice & Virtue, Wonder Woman 174.



Super Powers 2 & It’s Joker Time 2

News broke this week about the Joker film and the casting of the clown prince’s mom?!  I am a firm believer that the Joker needs no origin.  In fact, to truly appreciate the character, I just cannot abide one.  But that doesn’t mean that we can’t speculate on his mom right?  Oddly enough she has appeared in the comics and in some odd places.  In Super Powers 2 from 1984 the Phantom Stranger explores the Joker’s mind leading us to a   Jokerized mama.  Since we don’t really see her face I have to include Joker Time 2.  Despite it’s hideous cover it does give some insight into the Joker’s past and family.


Batman #567 ( 2nd Print )

So there is a rare 2nd print for Bats 567, the first Cassandra Cain and it was released as a mini comic with DC’s First Appearance figure.  She is set to appear in the BOP film, let’s hope as Batgirl!



Rugrats Special UK 1996

First appearance of the Rugrats

Yup Rugrats are back and they are getting new episodes and a movie!  YESSSSS!!!!!  The group has appeared in many comics and publications but they made their first in this extremely rare UK comic.



Giant Sized Ms. Marvel 1

First appearance of Carol’s Cat.

Well if we can speculate on pigs why not a cat who is going to appear in the Captain Marvel film?



Lobo Infanticide

First appearance of SU

Lobo had a daughter long before Crush.  Have we forgotten about Crush already?   Screw you  Peter Porker!!!


Child’s Play 2

And finally, we are getting another Chucky film.  For interested parties he made his first comic appearance here.


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