Playing Catch Up

New arrivals has not stopped over the last seven days.  I have just been preoccupied with another project.  My friend is running for Berkeley County Sheriff, and since I want him to win, I have been helping him.  (Shameless plug –

So, there is a lot in one post, but it is some good swag.

First off…

Star Wars #1 variants – Mike Deodato black & white variant, ThinkGeek variantJohn Tyler Christopher ComicXposure Color variantJohn Tyler Christopher ComicXposure black & white variant



Next, a couple of eBay finds…

Legends #1 contains the first appearance of Amanda Waller, the leader of the Suicide Squad.  With the movie news, and all the casting rumors, this book keeps creeping up.  I am not really a DC guy, but the Arrow show is really entertaining.  Add in the fact that this went for cheap, it was a no-brainer pick-up.


Still, plugging away at my X-Men full run.  Just another issue closer.  Another copy of the first appearance of Kaluu in the Strange Tales 147.  Never know which way Marvel will go with the Doctor Strange movie.



A pick-up from the CGC Forums…

I snatched up the ALF #48 because the cover is hysterical.  I watched ALF back in the 80s, so some nostalgia there, too.  Well, the seller threw in a couple of freebies with the sale.




A run to the local comic shop landed a couple of nice books.  I needed the Rocket to complete the Welcome Home variant set.  I also kept hearing positive things about Nameless, so I succumbed to the pressure.




Jerry from Park Circle Comics hooked me up with some awesome books.  He hunted them down for me and passed on some great savings.  Very thankful for dealers like him.  Check out his upcoming show at the Sparrow in North Charleston.


Mighty Thor 344 – first Malekith

Strange Tales #156 – a one panel X-Men appearance

Incredible Hulk #162 – first Wendigo

Strange Tales #146 – first AIM

Tales of Suspense #75 – First Sharon Carter