Polar, Nonplayer, Quantum Leap and lots more!

Never make promises and no one gets let down. Last week I said a Star Wars Snoke special was coming well you are all gonna have to wait. Here’s some pics to hold you over until I get to finish that special, revisit Multiversity, pick apart everything Geoff Johns and finally finish my pouches top ten.

Polar: Came in from the cold

You tell me Mads Mikkelsen is gonna star in an adaptation of this stylish thriller from Victor Santos and I get excited. Trust me this one is worth a read.

Nonplayer 1

In the comic world few things are loathed more than a late book. Some of the best books ever produced have become nothing more than footnotes thanks to irratic production. This incredible work bucks that trend. Nate Simpson’s comic has it all…gorgeous art, a killer concept and a miniscule print run. Now Legendary has picked up the rights and hired Thor 3’s writer. Despite two issues and the yet to be fulfilled promise of more, Nonplayer is worth it. Trust me.

NOTE: The other printings for issue 1 are fairly common but there is an alternate cover from Third Eye worth looking into.

Quantum Leap 1, 1 Special Edition

This show holds a special place in my heart. Growing up it was a must watch and I really like the finale thanks to an incredibly somber final shot. So when the creator announced this week he’s written something new I instantly got excited. Now there’s no announcement or guarantee anything will happen but one can hope and in the meantime you can buy the first.

Venom Lethal Protector TPB ( First Print Only )

The announcement that this is the source material the Venom solo film will based on was quite a shock. Collectors are kind of excited but speculators should be cautious considering the huge print run for all issues of the series. Now there’s that gold variant and the black error and even the newsstand fir issue 1 is getting some love but I wouldn’t sleep on the super rare TPB.

The Death of Captain Marvel GN

First appearance of General Zendao

My guess for who Ben Mendelsohn is playing in the Captain Marvel movie-General Zendao. I see a typecasting for this guy but man was he solid in Rogue One.

Fantastic Four 18

First appearance of Dorrek VII

Or he could be the Skrull emperor. Who knows?

Spider-Man Homecoming DVD Mini Comic ( Target Exclusive )

This isn’t really a first appearance unless you count Marvel Cinematic firsts. Who collects those? But fans of exclusive minis might want it. Long term these types of things tend to really increase in value especially now with resale stores disappearing.

Tag and Bink Were Here TPB

This 2006 collection is now right up there with Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir for two reasons; one, it’s extremely rare and two, with their rumored appearance in Ron Howard’s terribly named Solo: A Star Wars Story, it converts their appearances from legends to canon. This is kind of cool because technically it canonizes Darth Plagueis’s first appearance, a character who is rumored to be Darth Snoke. Now before I get grief for that remember this, while Serkis denied Snoke as a possible identity for the mysterious villain the music we here while Snoke appears in the last film is the same opera which Anakin attends when learning of Plagueis in Attack of the Clones. To me that is pretty sneaky stuff and very telling.

Umbrella Academy Dallas TPB ( first and second printings )

First appearance of the myspace short, Anywhere but Here

Are you looking for hard to find UA books beyond the typical stuff already in short supply on Ebay? Well you can always look for this one. It was a myspace/Dark Horse offering made available online. I do not believe it was printed in the short-lived anthology series but it was included in both printings of the trade for Dallas.

NOTE: This was later reprinting in comic form. See the Dark Horse Day Sampler 2016!

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