Pool Party

Welcome back to Covering The Spread.  This week I’ve found what I think is the most interesting book we’ve ever covered in this article, so strap in and let’s jump into it.


Deadpool: The Circle Chase 1


This is a book that has interested me for a long time.  I think at this point Deadpool is easily one of the biggest characters in comics.  So here we have his first solo appearance, and the first in his own title.  Does that make this book worth investing in?


Average Raw Price 13.13
10 Copies 131.33
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Selling Fees 54.10
Total Costs 465.43


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2  Price
85 49 46 40
2 Copies 3 Copies 4 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
170 147 184 40 541

It certainly doesn’t seem that way.  Our upfront costs would be 411.33 and our profits would be $75.58.  That’s a spread of +7.56 and an ROI of just 18%.  I think this is a really interesting book and that picking up 9.8’s while they’re cheap is a good idea.  However the market seems to have put their “first solo” money into our next book.


Deadpool 1


Yes this is the first “main series”.  I do think that this issue is much harder to find than The Circle Chase, which is probably why there is more interest here.  But in my article what really matters to us are numbers so let’s take a look.


Average Raw Price 42.07
10 Copies 420.71
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Selling Fees 106.40
Total Costs 807.11


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2  Price
206 285 296 71
2 Copies 3 Copies 4 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
412 285 296 71 1064

Prices have come way down on this book!  Our upfront costs stand at 700.71 and our profits should be 256.89.  That’s a spread of +25.69 and an ROI of over 36%.  These are the greatest numbers in the world, but I’ve seen the previous heights of this book.  I think once Disney finally gets around to making another Deadpool movie, these will see a nice bump.


Howard The Duck 1 Lim Variant


I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned in my article before but I love Gwenpool.  The concept is great and I could easily see it being translated into an MCU film.  Picture Last Action Hero, but instead of being a fan of Arnold movies she’s a fan of the MCU.  She could make jokes about Rhodie being recast, jokes about the Fox merger.  It would be great.  But as with every other book, we’re here to see the numbers.


Average Raw Price 169.50
10 Copies 1695
Shipping Fees (EST) 100
Grading Fees (EST) 180
Selling Fees 206.90
Total Costs 2181.90


9.8 Av Price 9.6 Av Price 9.4 Av Price 9.2  Price
332 225 150 130
2 Copies 3 Copies 4 Copies 1 Copy Total Value
664 675 600 130 2069

We have an upfront investment of $1975 and expect losses of $112.90!  That’s a spread of -11.29 and a LOI of almost 6%.  What’s really interesting is that the cheapest raw copy on eBay is over $300, and there are a few at that price.  I don’t think those prices are off.  There just aren’t many of these out there.

I think there is tremendous opportunity in the graded copies currently.  If you can get them for the current going rate I think you’ll do very well in the long run.  I have faith in this character and I think she can go a long way.


This week my favorite book was Howard The Duck 1 Lim, although with an LOI of almost 6%, I’m recommending you buy it already graded.  Second place went to Deadpool: The Circle Chase 1, with an ROI of 18%.  First place goes to Deadpool vol. 1 #1 with an ROI of over 36%.

These two Deadpool books are interesting to me because I believe the best comparison is Wolverine, with his first mini/first main.  However, those two book behave in the opposite way.  I guess the Wolverine mini is held in much higher regard, but I doubt many have read The Circle Chase.

What do you all think of Gwenpool?  Have you seen Last Action Hero? (If not, go watch it.) . Do you think Deadpool 1 will bounce back to its old prices?  Let me know down in the comments below!


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