Pop Goes The World…



Johnny played guitar, Jenny played bass.
Name of the band is The Human Race.
Everybody tell me have you heard?

Pop goes the world…


Happy Holidays from the desert fellow CBSI members. I trust most of you are looking forward to the upcoming festivities with friends, families, and loved ones. In speaking to family, the Mad Titan seems to be getting all the love in the Thanos household. Hell, we even see the proverbial “I survived the snap” T-shirt’s, bumper stickers, and other paraphernalia. It’s too bad someone already had thought of trademarking this phrase.

That’s all fine and dandy, because we here at CBSI are always moving forward, not resting on our laurels. That quote is so yesterday’s news. What’s that saying – Everyone has a skeleton in their closet? Yep, this is true even for the mean looking California raisin. In his haste, it seems he did not use the ahem, proper protocol to NOT have offspring with a women when he decided to do the deed.

Silly Thanos, now you have a son. Oh, and he is not going to cower or bow to your needs and wishes as millions of others have done. This dude can wreck shop in his own way. Thanos is the past, he’s the future. There’s even a new quote for him. The purple crank may have the snap, but he has the pop to obliterate races of people. That’s right…Pop goes the world. It’s time to fire up these words on every every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in your local area.

Whom am I speaking to? Why it’s Thane of course. Let’s learn all about this fine fella from his roots up into present day.



Thane, son of Thanos 1st appearance was in the above New Avengers # 10. Before we get started, I do want to point out just how difficult this book is to get in a 9.8. Look at the Census if you question it. I mean come on, red AND black cover is a recipe for NM+ death. This only helps when he gets his proper due in the limelight.

Anyways, Thane is the secret Inhuman son of Thanos, conceived when a descendant tribe of The Inhumans ran into Thanos – leaving one of their group pregnant with the Mad Titan’s child. When Thanos learned he had a son who was half Inhuman, he sent The Black Order (Yes, those nasty cats) to terrorize the universe, collecting heads of young men who might be the illegitimate son. This witch-hunt led to earth.



(This above action from New Avengers # 9 look familiar? It should, it was used Infinity Wars in the movie and was almost identical)



The above is a great panel showing the discovery of Thane, pre Terrigenesis (This will be explained later within the article) in New Avengers # 10. Below is Ebony Maw really toying with Strange under his mind control to to gain information on just where Thane is located at within the world.


On earth, Inhuman Black Bolt discovered that Thane existed. In addition, Doctor Strange found Thane’s location, but since Strange was under the influence of The Black Order’s Ebony Maw (above panel as reference), that revelation led to Thanos also learning where Thane was – and coming after him with a vengeance.


Infinity # 3

In Hyuk Lee 1:75 variant


In the fight with Thanos to stop him (above book), Black Bolt set off a explosion of sorts. it filled the planet with something very nasty. See it play out below…



Black Bolt seems really pissed huh? I get it, the aftermath of this explosion is immediately felt around the planet in this book below.


Infinity # 4

In Hyuk Lee 1:75 variant


When Black Bolt set off that Terrigen Bomb, it coated earth in cloud of Terrigenesis – The process of producing a new gene in the Inhuman genetic or trigger latent mutant genes, Inhuman genome or Inhuman gene granting powers and/or a new appearance, with results impossible to predict. This created a new slew of Inhumans all across the planet. The event also released Thane’s Inhuman powers, turning him into an all-powerful figure. Info overload yet? Here’s that in all its glory…



Wicked stuff huh? We have talked about dormant genes that are awoken in previous articles (Inhumans), this mimics that in a sense that the true form has arrived in Thane.


Infinity # 5

In Hyuk Lee 1:75 variant


Without divulging too much info in this storyline, I thought it was also important to share how Thane sees things post Terrigenesis. In addition how that dam Ebony Maw wreaks havoc yet again. Yes, you guessed it, here are the panels for your consumption…



Alright I can’t help myself, one more panel – First meeting between Daddy and son. Hmmm, Thanos doesn’t act like a proud papa now does he?



The rest of this brilliant story will be up to you to read as I don’t want to spoil everything. However, if you think the “snap” is better than the “pop” I brought up at the beginning, just gaze at this panel…



Goosebumps Maw, now you are talking some good stuff there. Senior’s time is now on notice, as Junior is the new sheriff in town! The snap is crap.

If you want to follow this story further, there is an excellent Marvel HC (Hard Cover) that can be had for your entertainment! Also they can be bought individually as well. With these, you really get to know a lot more about Thane including backstory pre Terrigenesis. Why, let’s have a look!


Thanos: A God Up There Listening Infinite



Alright, this gives you readers an idea of Thane in how he was created and a few books to chase. Finally, here are a few more worth mentioning.

Bonus issues, storylines, and panels


Legendary Star Lord # 7

Legendary Star Lord # 8


Legendary Star Lord # 9

Legendary Star Lord # 10


Guardians of the Galaxy # 24

All New X-Men # 39


Guardians Team Up # 3


Nova # 28

Captain Marvel # 14


Guardians of the galaxy and X-Men Black Vortex One Shot



In closing, I know what some of you are saying, what about the events that happened in the recent Thanos issues #1 – #12? You know, the one with the little thing called the Phoenix? Well, Thane did have a teenie, tiny accident occur due to his dad. However, we will leave that alone for now as it was just probably Thane haters LOL! Here’s a few of those covers just for reference…


Thanos # 1

Dekai Variant

Thanos # 4

Thanos # 4

Jusko Corner Box Variant


*1st app of Astral Coven Witches

Thanos # 6

Thanos # 8

Thanos # 11

Thanos # 12


Well there it is there! Hopefully you learned something new about Thane. If you see those New Avengers # 10 in the wild, stack and rack em. This guy is here to play and will only get more involved in the MU IMO. I sincerely wish all of you Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year! Thanks for reading my articles over 2018. All of us here within the writers circle appreciate each and everyone of you who have taken the time to read, +1, and comment on our pieces. We are here for you guys! Sincerely, THANK YOU!




One two three and four is five,
Everybody here is a friend of mine.
Whatever happened to the Duke of Earl?
Pop goes the world




Talk soon,






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