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     Despite what amounts to a poor box office performance from Solo, the Boba Fett film has new life!  I am not so sure making a film where the popularity of the main character is due to a lack of use is a smart move.  But Boba’s notoriety cannot be denied.  For comic collectors Star Wars 42 has been the book to own for some time.  I can understand this, iconic covers tend to create demand.  But that Marvel comic is really a reprint.  In fact it’s more like a 4th printing considering how many different publications the comic appeared in prior.  I am going to break it down for you here and add some other Boba books you might want to take a look at.  No time is great for buying Boba books since his merchandise  always seem to be in demand but getting in now might be the only way to acquire some of this stuff before things inevitably get out of control.



The Empire Strikes Back Paperback ( Marvel Comics Mass Market Adaptation )

First appearance of Boba Fett

With a May 1980 release date this comic in paperback form predates all other Fett appearances including the newspaper strips. This work also features the firs Yoda prototype.  It is also extremely undervalued and very hard to find in high grade.

NOTE: There is a French ed.



Marvel Super Special 16

This magazine size series reprinted the paperback adaptation and is highly sought after by collectors.

.and the Finnish version ( 1980 )



Marvel Special Edition 2

This oversized comic is a real pain to find especially in any sort of preferred grade. The thing is bigger than a Life magazine so just finding a bad and board is a challenge.  It is a reprint of the paperback and Super Special 16. There is a debate as too which came out first, this or the special.

Both books have the corrected Yoda putting then after the paperback in the publication timeline.



Empire Strikes Back Weekly 127

( first comic book appearance of Boba Fett ) predates Star Wars 42

This comic predates SW 42 and is really the first comic ( magazine size ) appearance of Boba.  Like most UK books it’s a tough get and often found in a low grade due to the ridiculous size of their comics.



Empire Strikes Back 129

( first comic book cover ) predates 42

There is no denying that this one is the first Boba cover and it too predates Star Wars 42



Star Wars 42 and 42 Mark Jeweler

First USA cover for Boba Fett

Sometimes you just can’t beat an iconic cover.  Despite the print-run and the fact that it is often misrepresented as Boba’s first it is probably the Boba comic fans want most.  In truth it is really the fourth printing of the Empire adaptation.



Other comics worth a look…

Marvel Illustrated Paperback Return of the Jedi

Same goes for this one as the Empire paperback.  It predates the Marvel adaptation.



Star Wars 50, 68, 70

In addition to issues 44,43 and 44 Boba Fett also makes a limited number of appearances in Marvel’s original run.



Star Wars 81, 81 Canadian Price Variant & Comic Pack 30 edition

In this odd book Boba somehow escapes the Pitt of Carkoon?!  If the movie isn’t a prequel then the creators are going to need a way to resurrect the bounty hunter.  Marvel did just that some time ago.



Star Wars 68 Comic Pack

This reprinting of issue 68 one was only available in a figure 2 pack.  Those packs are just another source of rare comic reprints.



LA Times June 17, 1980/Watertown Daily Times June 17, 1980

In 1979 the LA Times and WDT began publishing Star Wars comics.  Boba Fett debuted in the June 19, 1980 strip, The Frozen World of Ota. It’s an early appearance and both papers are pretty rare.



Star Wars the Early Adventures 9

This one reprints the earliest newspaper strips of Fett by Russ Manning.




Black September

Yes he is in here too in a massive spread.



Star Wars Boba Fett 1/2 Gold

Bradstreet nailed the cover to this rarity.  Only go gold.



More rarities and oddities…




Classic Star Wars 19,20

These Al Williamson newspaper reprints feature the adventures of our favorite characters just prior to the events of the Empire Strikes Back! In addition the print previously unpublished art from these rare strips.



Star Wars Dark Empire 2 Gold ( first Variant )

This rare gold edition is also Boba’s first variant!



Star Wars Volume 2 Issue 4 Action Figure Variant



Star Wars 1 French Variant



Star Wars 1 Cargo Hold Sketch Variant



Star Wars 1 Heroes and Fantasies ( 2015 ) Black and White



Star Wars 1 ( 2015 ) Comicpop Variant Sketch cover )



Boba Fett Overkill

That’s an AH! cover ya’ll!  Oh and thee is a newsstand for this one!

Thanks to Steve Horn, Gary Nusser, Ronan Kan for contributing.



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